Fulfilling his promise to his great father, Yasushi Yokoyama…Actor Kazuya Kimura announces his marriage, directly congratulating “the couple just after they entered the registry! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fulfilling his promise to his great father, Yasushi Yokoyama…Actor Kazuya Kimura announces his marriage, directly congratulating “the couple just after they entered the registry!

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Mr. and Mrs. Kimura responded to a direct interview with this magazine with a bashful look on their faces.

On the auspicious day known as “the day of a million times a grain,” the couple emerged from the ward office in Tokyo and became husband and wife. When a reporter called out to them, “Congratulations,” they initially looked puzzled, but then shyly bailed and gently smiled at the woman standing next to them.

On January 24, actor Kazuya Kimura (54) announced that he was getting married. On the following day, January 25, he submitted his marriage certificate.

Mr. and Mrs. Kiichiro Wakayama, whom Kimura adores, accompanied him to the marriage registration.

On the same day, Kimura and Ako together submitted the marriage certificate to the ward office in Tokyo. Mr. and Mrs. Kiichiro Wakayama, son of actor Tomisaburo Wakayama and uncle of Shintaro Katsu, accompanied them as witnesses. Mr. Kimura and Ms. Ako met through a mutual acquaintance around last summer. I heard that Mr. Kimura continued to approach Ms. Ako, and they developed a relationship,” said an acquaintance of Kimura.

Kimura, who made his entertainment debut in ’83, is also known as the son of legendary comic storyteller Yasushi Yokoyama. In 1985, he was chosen to play the lead role in the TBS drama “Maito Osawasemasu,” and his sweet mask made him popular.

He continued to appear in “Taiyo ni Hoero! and “Hagure Keiji Junjoha” series, and appeared in commercials for famous companies. However, in 1988, at the age of 19, he was sent to a reformatory for juvenile delinquents after a violent assault, and after his release he announced that he would refrain from performing.

In ’92, he returned to show business and won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for “Itsuka Gira Gira Gira Shi” and continues to act vigorously to this day. Mr. Kimura has become an indispensable presence, especially in V-Cinema, and his work has been going well since the beginning of this year,” said a source at an entertainment agency.

They announced their marriage through their office on January 24.

Kimura has led a life full of twists and turns. One year younger than Kimura, Ako, has come to grace his life with her presence.

Kimura introduced Ako to the president of his office, Kiichiro Wakayama (59), whom he considers an older brother, soon after they started dating. He told her directly on the spot, ‘We will definitely get married next year, and I want you to be my brother’s witness at that time. Mr. Wakayama said, “Okay, I understand! Mr. Wakayama said, “Okay!” and agreed to act as a go-between. Mr. Kimura told his acquaintances that the reason he decided to get married was that he had finally found someone he wanted to take care of him and his brother.

True to his word, he announced his goal with Ako on January 25, the beginning of the new year. They started their new life as husband and wife. The reporter of this magazine directly interviewed Kimura as he came out of the ward office.

–Kimura: “Congratulations on your marriage.

Kimura: “Thank you very much.

–How do you feel now?

Kimura: “It’s our first marriage together, so it’s still a bit confusing, but I hope we can get along well together.

– “How about your wife?

Ako: “I feel the same way.

Kimura “Even your wife (laughs).”

Ms. A: “She says it’s your wife (laughs).

Kimura “There were a few flaws in the paperwork, so it took a while to get the marriage certificate, but I hope I can enjoy those loose ends as we move forward in our lives together.

Mr. and Mrs. Kimura look at each other with a smile.

Before his death, Kimura’s father, Yasushi Yokoyama, told people about the origin of his son’s name “Kazuya.

Yasushi explained his son’s name as “Life is one or eight” or “one and eight of Oichibu,” but this was lip service to the fact that he was a comedian. He told his son Kimura that he wanted him to become a man who can make even one thing he can be proud of in his life, so he took the name from Kabuki’s “Juhachiban”.

Kimura was blessed with a companion, Ako, just as Yasushi Yokoyama had wished. The son who fulfilled his promise to his great father had a radiant expression on his face.

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