Reina Triendl announces her marriage… A “surprising place” where she headed in between her happy love life & busy work schedule. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Triendl announces her marriage… A “surprising place” where she headed in between her happy love life & busy work schedule.

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Triendl announced his marriage in January this year. In the midst of his busy life, what was the place he headed for? ……

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a string of marriage announcements in the entertainment industry. In addition to the big couple of Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” and Natsunako Momota (29) of “Momoiro Clover Z,” Yuichi Nakamaru (40) of “KAT-TUN” and actress Reina Matsui (32) have also gone in for marriage. In the midst of all this, model and actress Triendl Reina (32) announced her marriage on January 19.

Her partner is Naohiro Yamamoto (29), a former model who now works as an actor. The two co-starred in the drama “Investigation Meeting in the Living Room” (NHKBS Premium), which aired from February to March 2008. (NHKBS Premium), which aired from February to March ’20. Triendl saw Yamamoto playing with a child actor during a break on the set and intuitively thought, “I wish I could marry someone like him. She then approached him and they exchanged contact information. Currently, Triendl is not pregnant and will continue to work.

Triendl is currently full of happiness. This magazine witnessed her in December of last year, before her marriage announcement. On that day, Triendl, who had just finished the stage performance “OUT OF ORDER,” arrived in Harajuku in the evening. She was wearing a black outfit with a pale light blue scarf that caught the eye.

She walked into a warehouse-like building with an air of familiarity. It is hard to tell from the outside, but this is the first Japanese store of an Italian fashion brand that opened last summer. The store is popular, especially among young people, thanks in part to its affordable pricing. After 20 minutes of shopping, Triendl stopped a cab near the store and disappeared into the night.

Triendl was refreshed after a brief shopping spree. In addition to modeling, last year was also a year of breakthroughs for Triendl as an actor. A source in the entertainment industry says, “Triendl’s range of acting has broadened.

Triendl appeared in five dramas in 2011. He was active throughout the year, playing the leading role and the heroine in one film each. On the other hand, he often played roles that differed from his traditional image as a glamorous model. In “Tonari Sukiyaki Dayo” (TV Tokyo), in which she played the lead role, she had many “sukiyaki” scenes and wore plain clothes. However, she seems to be feeling a sense of satisfaction from the increase in such roles, and says to those around her, “I am glad that people are seeing me as an actor. She is expanding her range as an actress.

Triendl’s public and private life is smooth sailing. With the support of her beloved partner, she will continue to make rapid progress this year.

Triendl leaves the store after shopping.
Triendl’s stay at the store was short, but it seemed to be a precious time for him to refresh himself.
Even wearing a mask does not hide his style and aura.
He got into a cab on a nearby main street and drove away.
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