The “presence” of Norio Nishikawa, who “says whatever he wants” to Hitoshi Matsumoto in the same Yoshimoto office, “Finally, the 10th accused woman…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “presence” of Norio Nishikawa, who “says whatever he wants” to Hitoshi Matsumoto in the same Yoshimoto office, “Finally, the 10th accused woman…”

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Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto said that Yoshimoto “does not suppress news. There are already 10 accused women and ……

I’d like to give Yoshimoto a little praise there.

The man who once said that with a smile on his face is now being hit with an oversized boomerang.

Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto’s troubles with women continue unabated. The first report appeared in the “Shukan Bunshun” late last year, followed by a second and a third report in the new year, and finally, in the February 1 issue, a double-digit number of women, the 10th, confess to having been “victimized” by Matsumoto.

Matsumoto has filed a lawsuit against the publisher, Bungei Shunju, and others, claiming that he was not coerced into sexual acts with the women. Matsumoto himself suspended his entertainment activities to concentrate on the trial.

There has been a lot of discussion about this issue on TV programs, but one person who stands out is Norio Nishikawa, Yoshimoto’s senior.

He appeared as a guest on ABC radio’s “Masuda Okada Masuda’s Radio Hunter” broadcast on January 18, and commented on Matsumoto.

If I didn’t have any problems, I wouldn’t take a leave of absence. I think you should go out. If you’re going to go into court, I think you should go into your art. If you don’t feel guilty, you don’t need to devote yourself to the trial.

If it’s totally clear, then I think it’s better to go into the art.

If it was totally clear, I would have been able to say so,” he said.

He then urged Matsumoto to hold a press conference.

Furthermore, on January 30, in “Ohayo Teishoku Ichijo, Hiroshi Ikushima” (TBS Radio), a junior comedian defended Matsumoto, saying

He said, “You shouldn’t make comments that are a little inward-looking. I was indebted to you in the past” and “I respected you” are matters between you and the person in question. (It has nothing to do with the Bunshun report. You are mistaking the point of contention and the point of debate.

He was very blunt. As for Matsumoto, who is taking a break from his activities

I think it’s different.

I think it’s different,” he said.

I don’t think it will be good for us if the allegations continue for years, saying, ‘This happened,’ or ‘No, it didn’t.’ Whichever direction it goes, it won’t be positive. It’s not positive in either direction.”

He concluded, “It’s not positive for us to go in either direction. I wonder if it is because he is a big-name comedian that he can go so far. ……

Matsumoto-san has tremendous influence within Yoshimoto. I thought the whole office would be there to protect him, but in fact, not so much. Some young comedians have started to mention this incident. I don’t know about the first part, but I don’t think the gag order is in place now,” said a person involved in the comedy industry.

In fact, this is the corporate culture of Yoshimoto. What is concealed is the fact that Matsumoto himself testified to this.

In November 2007, the tax problems of Tokui Yoshimi of “Tutorial” were making headlines at the time. At that time, Matsumoto said the following on “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji TV).

If I had to give one compliment to Yoshimoto, it would be that, although they say what they mean, Yoshimoto is a big company and has a certain amount of power, but they don’t hold back when there is strange news. I would like to praise them a little there, or …….

I don’t know if people in the world take it for granted, but there are some offices that unexpectedly say, “Don’t handle this kind of news. I think there is still some purity there. I’m the only one who can say that as a follow-up.

He added

Yoshimoto is the only one who will handle news about incidents without running away from them. They are featured in various programs, and are criticized by various commentators. I think it’s okay for there to be an agency that is also criticized by its own comedians.

Matsumoto was impressed.

It is ironic that Yoshimoto’s culture, which Matsumoto admired so much, is now being turned against him. A source at the TV station said, “The problem with Johnny’s last year is also a big one.

Last year’s problem with Johnny’s was also a big one. That made it difficult for them to apply pressure or make any kind of discovery. Yoshimoto is a company that does business with the government. They have no choice but to accept a wide variety of opinions.

He points out that “Yoshimoto is a company that does business with the government. What does Matsumoto think now that he is being criticized even by “his own people”?

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