Tsurubi, Tamori, Takuro Yoshida, Eiji Okuda… Why Aimyon is “too well liked” not only by young people but also by old men. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsurubi, Tamori, Takuro Yoshida, Eiji Okuda… Why Aimyon is “too well liked” not only by young people but also by old men.

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Aimyon and Sekaiyuki Ozaki, who is said to have a “marriage seconds away

Aimyon is a singer-songwriter known for her many hit songs such as “Marigold” and “Kimi wa Rock wo Hizukunai. In November 2004, Aimyon made her major label debut, and in 2006, she appeared on the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest). Aimyon has an image of being “popular among today’s youth,” but in fact, she also enjoys the ardent support of old men.

Actor Eiji Okuda is one of those who are attracted to Aimyon. During an appearance on “Tetsuko’s Interview,” Okuda confessed to being a fan of Aimyon, saying, “Before I know it, tears are flowing. Even music maestro Takuro Yoshida praised Aimiyo’s lyrics, saying, “She is a person who describes everyday life very well,” and he is fascinated by her lyrics.

The actor Okuda seems surprised that she cried over lyrics written by today’s youth, rather than old songs. Recently, he has been so fascinated that he talks about Aimiyo with his grandchildren. Mr. Yoshida was also inspired by Ms. Aimiyoon to create his own album, and he is truly moved by her strength” (entertainment writer).

It seems that Aimyon’s personality as well as her music has won the hearts of the old men. Shofukutei Tsurube, in particular, is a close friend in private, and is so enthusiastic that he listens to all of Aimyon’s songs and notes his impressions when they perform together on the radio. Aimyon also spoke openly about love hotels, a difficult topic for “Tamori Club,” and enjoyed conversing with Tamori.

Tsurube and Aimyon are good friends in private, and Aimyon has such a close relationship with Tsurube that she says, “I get tickled every year when he listens to my songs. In an appearance on “Tamori Club,” viewers were charmed by Aimyon’s openness in discussing the sensitive topic of love hotels, saying, “She really is too good a character. Tamori also praised Aimyon when she appeared on a TV program, saying that she “knows the highlights of Shunga.

Furthermore, Masakazu Mimura of “Wandering” is also a fan of Aimiyoon and has been muttering about Aimiyoon on his X page.

《Later this year. Aimyon has always been so cool, the way she dresses, the way she acts. I wonder if she’s gone through something.

This was a mutter on December 31, 2009. Aimyon replied, “This tweet by Mr. Mimura got me and my stylist super excited backstage at the International Forum after the Kohaku performance! Mimura replied, “I’m glad I tweeted it. Mimura was deeply moved.

Aimyon is popular not only with the old men of the entertainment world, but also with ordinary music-loving old men. Their musicality, which updates folk-song-like songs in a modern style, is both nostalgic and new at the same time, and seems to be gaining the support of a wide range of generations. We look forward to more progress from Aimyon, who has made her popularity among older men unshakeable.

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