JSB3 ELLY Shares Lovey-Dovey Photos From Casual Date at Local Supermarket | FRIDAY DIGITAL

JSB3 ELLY Shares Lovey-Dovey Photos From Casual Date at Local Supermarket

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ELLY and her boyfriend Riho Minami after shopping. Their relationship seems to be going well.

In late January, when Japan was hit by one of the coldest waves of the winter this year. A Rolls Royce appeared from a luxury apartment in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Driving it was ELLY (36) of “J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE III. On the passenger seat is his girlfriend, influencer Riho Minami (28).

They left together in the evening and headed not to a high-class restaurant ……, but surprisingly to “LIFE”, a commoner’s supermarket. Both of them were dressed in casual clothes such as sweatshirts. It was a midwinter day in Tokyo with a minimum temperature of minus 1 degree Celsius, but they were not bothered by the cold. The two hot-headed men held a hastily arranged photo session in the underground parking lot of the supermarket. Minami posed happily for ELLY, who was holding a camera.

Once inside the store, they split up and began shopping. Minami bought toilet paper and other daily necessities, while ELLY paid for five or six bottles of “Hyoketsu,” an alcoholic beverage, and then headed home.

This magazine reported their love affair in the August 19 and 26, 2010 issue. Since then, their relationship seems to have continued smoothly.

Since the relationship was first revealed, the two have often held dinners with friends. On this day, it seems that they enjoyed a drink at home with their friends. The relationship is going well, and when Minami went on a trip to Hawaii recently, she posted a number of Chrome Hearts items on her Instagram page, saying that she had become hooked on the brand under his influence. In addition, Minami also posted on her Insta page, in response to a fan’s question, “My boyfriend doesn’t help me with housework,” she said, “(ELLY) will help me with it. She also responded to a fan’s question, “My boyfriend won’t help me with the housework,” by saying something like, “ELLY will help me with the housework.

Last year, ELLY appeared in a terrestrial TV drama for the first time in about seven years. Her role as a charismatic rapper in “Paripi Komei” (Fuji TV) was much talked about. The group also successfully completed a nationwide arena tour for the first time in nine years. Both his public life and private life are smooth sailing, but is there a possibility that his relationship with Minami will take the next step?

Next year is the 15th anniversary of the debut of the “Sandaime J Soul Brothers,” and ELLY values her fans above all else, so if anything happens in her private life, it will probably be after that.” Speaking of 25 years, Minami is also turning 30. Both of them are reaching a milestone year, and in that sense, there may be some progress in the future.

With this milestone year ahead of them, will they be able to make further strides in both their private and public lives?

They suddenly start a photo session in the parking lot. Minami gets into the groove and strikes a pose.
Minami poses for the camera
Photos that were supposedly taken that day were later uploaded to SNS.
[Image] JSB3 and ELLY showed their lovey-dovey attitude on a “date at a commoner’s supermarket
[Image] JSB3, ELLY showed their lovey-dovey side on a “date at a popular supermarket”.
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