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Chidori is saving too many scandalous comedians.

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It is not uncommon these days for popular comedians to be sidelined by the media due to scandals. For example, Un-jash’s Takeru Watanabe and Jungle Pocket’s Shinji Saito have had their popularity eroded by scandals involving women, and their TV exposure has been limited. The fact that they are showing signs of revival is largely due to the work of the popular comedy duo Chidori.

Watanabe of Un-jash appeared in “Un-jash: Black and White” as his first media appearance. However, his partner Kazuya Kojima gave him a hard-hitting sermon, and as a result, it was ridiculed as a broadcast accident. It was Chidori who came to the rescue.

Watanabe appeared on “Chance no Jikan” (ABEMA), which was facilitated by Chidori. He drew laughter when he revealed that Chidori teased him about the clothes and shoes he wears and that he still drives a Mercedes.

He said, “Chidori teased Mr. Watanabe so deliciously that he must have learned how to handle him. After appearing on that show, the wind changed in his favor and his job offers increased.

Watabe also appeared on Netflix’s “Talk Survivor! -a drama about survival with interesting talk-” in which Chidori is the MC. ≪’s sales are said to be 400 million yen. I tried to rub it out with a few million yen,” he said. Viewers commented.

“Watabe is too much of a warrior.

He’s almost too funny with his self-deprecating jokes. I hope he will come back with this line.

Some viewers said, “Watabe is too muscular.

Takayuki Kinoshita of TKO, who has been in the news for power harassment, also appeared in “Chance no Jikan” and “Aiseki Shokudo” (TV Asahi). In “Chance no Jikan (Time of Opportunity),” which marked his full-fledged return to the media, there was a scene in which he bit back laughter when he heard Nobu mutter, “It would probably hurt if this hit me,” after drinking a bottled drink.

Takehiro Kimoto, his partner who had investment troubles, appeared in “Talk Survivor! appeared on “Talk Survivor! In the project in which Kimoto was asked to say “one thing that he would never say and he was not sorry at all,” he said, “I’m going to do my best in ‘King of Conte’ from the beginning again. But we are finalists, so we’ll have to start from the quarterfinals.

Hats off to Chidori for his large capacity to accept scandalous comedians and his skill to tease them in a funny way. Chidori does not only bail out comedians. Masahiro Higashide, who has been bashed for his adulterous affair, has also appeared on “Chance no Jikan” and “Talk Survivor! and “Talk Survivor! In “Time of Opportunity,” he was asked by Chidori, “Are you seeing a woman? ≫he revealed, “Yes, I am. Viewers responded.

The viewers said, “God times. I laughed to death.

The show is a must-see for everyone.”

The show was well received.

The show was a hit immediately after it was broadcast. To begin with, the fact that Higashide-san is on the show is interesting in itself. Nobu-san’s injections into Higashide-san’s answers as if he were speaking for the feelings of the viewers. It is impossible not to laugh.

Saito of Janpoke, who appeared on “Aiseki Shokudo,” greeted the audience at the beginning of the program with an apology and a serious message. In response, Daigo of Chidori said, “There is a difference between being sorry and not being funny,” and “It’s okay if you are funny while being sorry. These words of Daigo seem to contain the essence of what it means to be a comedian who has been involved in a scandalous act.

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