The “harsh present” as seen by Hiroyuki in the total rebuke from Senator Yoneyama and Mr. Igawa, including his own opinion on the death penalty in the “KyoAni case”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “harsh present” as seen by Hiroyuki in the total rebuke from Senator Yoneyama and Mr. Igawa, including his own opinion on the death penalty in the “KyoAni case”.

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Hiroyuki has taken the world by storm as the “King of Debate. Recently, however, his popularity has begun to wane. ……

On January 25, Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” founder of “2channel,” used X to discuss the death sentence for Shinji Aoba, who is accused of setting fire to Kyoto Animation and killing 36 people. However, a “commotion” broke out when he was continuously refuted by celebrities.

After posting the news that Shinji Aoba had been sentenced to death, Hiroyuki wrote

I understand that the death penalty is the right thing to do because of the enormous damage, but when I think about the efforts of the medical personnel who helped the victim to get the death penalty, it seems to me that there is no need to help him because of the death penalty…,” he posted.

I posted. His “natural enemy,” Ryuichi Yoneyama, a member of the House of Representatives, who had also pointed out his ignorance in a previous video, responded with an X. Yoneyama, who is a doctor and lawyer, graduated from the University of Tokyo,

First of all, until the verdict is finalized, we don’t know whether the death penalty will be carried out or not. Even after the verdict is finalized, there may be a retrial until the execution.

Until then, even if a suspect or a prisoner on death row is subject to restrictions, he or she has human rights, and it is a nation governed by law that treats the sick. There can be no decision not to help.

He said in a blunt tone, “There can be no decision not to help them.

Yoneyama was not the only one to criticize Hiroyuki, as former Daio Paper Corporation chairman and University of Tokyo law graduate Iitaka Igawa also responded to Hiroyuki, saying

Even if it is the same “death,” there is a difference in the meaning of the word “death” between dying on the scene from the gasoline fire you sprayed, being shot dead by police without a trial, and dying on death row as a result of a trial.

I replied.

In response to those opinions, Hiroyuki said,

People say that the reason for keeping death row inmates alive is so that they can stand trial, but is there any testimony that would allow them to avoid the death penalty by surviving and testifying? But if there is a testimony that can be used to avoid the death penalty by surviving and testifying, then the death penalty is the only option under the current judges’ criteria,” he said. If he is to live, he would have to change the trial system in which the death penalty is decided based on circumstantial evidence alone.

Yoneyama again responded, “This is also an error.

If insanity, which is the issue in this case, is found, the death penalty can be avoided in this case. In addition, the death penalty cannot be determined based on circumstantial evidence alone, as it also requires a finding of the act of commission, intent, causal relationship, and the absence of grounds for the exclusion of illegality.

He seemed to have lost his patience.

But this is not the end of the story for the “king of argumentation. According to Hiroyuki, the “king of argumentation” does not end there.

“Only a judge can sentence a person to death. That is a lie. In Japan, a police officer can shoot dead a criminal in the act. The government legally allows the death penalty to be handed down by police officers in the field.

Yoneyama responded, “I can’t do it.

I can’t do it.

Yoneyama stated categorically, “No, you can’t. He denied this based on Article 7 of the Police Duties Execution Law. He further stated

I really wonder about Hiroyuki, who spreads this kind of false information without any evidence and does not correct it, and I think TV stations should really stop having such a person as an expert as their social responsibility.

He finished by saying, “I think it is the TV station’s social responsibility to stop having such a person as a pundit.

Regarding the shooting of police officers, Mr. Igawa also commented

“It is not a criminal offense to shoot dead a criminal in the act,” he said.

He added, “It’s not a punishment to shoot a police officer dead.

Hiroyuki was known as the “king of debunking,” but since he was completely debunked in the video he made with Yoneyama, his YouTube views seem to have decreased a bit. Around 2009, he had more than 2 million views many times, but recently it has been around 200,000 to 300,000 views. ……

Hiroyuki was popular for his sharp opinions, but he seems to be losing some of his former vigor. ……

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