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Kazuko Utsumi’s Daughter Yuriannu Says “Plastic Surgery and Flames are Marketing

Kazuko Utsumi is a former member of the legendary idol group Onyanko Club, which took the world by storm. Her daughter Yuriannu, who is also an idol, has publicly announced that she has undergone plastic surgery, but her mother was unaware of it...

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When I was in high school, I heard from people around me that they were getting double implants or petit plastic surgery as a graduation present. At that time, everyone was getting hair removal.

Yuriannu, 26, a member of the idol group “Gokigen Teikoku Gekijoban Gekijoban” (Gokigen Empire Theatrical Version – Moro-Kyo-Mujyo), is dressed in glamorous makeup and fashion.

In this day and age, it is not cool to work for an office,” says Yuriannu. Her mother is Kazuko Utsumi, 56, a former member of the legendary idol group Onyanko Club, which swept Japan.

Yuriannu grew up a young lady who attended private schools from elementary school to university, but she says that she did not fit in with her surroundings and that the friends she met on the Internet were more important to her.

Yuriannu “From the time I was in elementary school, I was more Internet-savvy than most people. I didn’t have any friends, so I would post on ‘VIPPER Bulletin’ (a compilation site), thinking, ‘I’ll go home early and watch 2channel (now 5channel)’ (laughs).

Yuriannu, active in Gokigen Teikoku the Movie: Moro-Kyo Muyo Photo: Shinji Hamasaki

Yuriannu says that as a child, she did not know that her mother, Utsumi, was an idol.

Yuriannu “When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told me that my mother was an idol. When Eri Nitta came to our house, I wasn’t aware that she was an idol; I just thought of her as a friend of my mom’s (laughs).

Utsumi says that she auditioned for the Onyanko Club because she wanted to meet Tunnels. It was unexpected that her daughter, Yuriannu, was introduced to the idol group by her hairdresser, and ended up joining the group just like herself.

Utsumi: “I didn’t even know at first that my daughter had started an idol activity. I really wanted her to stay out of the entertainment business if at all possible.”

Yuriannu: “I had been uploading “Odottemita” (I tried dancing) videos on Nico Nico Douga since I was 13 years old. It wasn’t so much that I had a yearning to be an idol, it was more that I had an ulterior motive: “If I join an idol group that they introduce me to, I can perform with a group that has a girl I like. (Laughs.) The truth is, I am not good at group activities, and I am not suited to being with girls. If I was asked to join the Onyanko Club, I couldn’t do it (laughs).

Yuriannu is truly an idol of Reiwa. She has also come out and said that she has had plastic surgery at a cost of 8 million yen. From a mother’s perspective, how does Utsumi feel about her own daughter having plastic surgery? ……

Utsumi: “To tell the truth, I was told after the plastic surgery, but I didn’t know what was fixed. It was that natural. When I first heard about it, I was surprised that my daughter would have plastic surgery, but I thought, “In this day and age, if I were younger, I would have done it too. Even parents cannot stop their children from getting plastic surgery.

Yuriannu “Because if I told my mother before getting plastic surgery, she would get angry (laughs). (laugh) Nowadays, men are getting plastic surgery too.

Utsumi “It is rather difficult to find someone who does not have plastic surgery. Even I have had at least cosmetic injections. Now I think it is acceptable as long as it is not harmful to the body.

Yuriannu (left) and Kazuko Utsumi (right)

Yuriannu’s thinking is always modern in terms of “cosmetics” and “buzz. As a mother, Ms. Utsumi is troubled by Yuriannu’s strategy of using social networking sites.

Yuriannu: “I revealed my plastic surgery on social networking sites because I thought that if I was in the minority, I could stand out from the crowd.

Utsumi: “Kids of this generation are quick to start a flame war (a topic of conversation that includes the concentration of critical opinions on social networking sites, etc.). I’m worried about what fun it is to cause a flame war when I’m getting blamed for it more and more.

Yuriannu: “I have been watching 2channel since I was in elementary school, so slander was a normal part of my life. So I think that if you are going to back down just because you get slammed on the Internet, you might as well not be on social networking sites. That is exactly why I enjoy social networking, because I think you have to take advantage of it and make it fun. That’s why I considered publicizing my plastic surgery as part of my marketing strategy.

Yuriannu embodies Reiwa’s unique way of life, saying that she did not get plastic surgery for anyone else, but only for herself.

Yuriannu also continued with her own insights.

Yuriannu said, “A long time ago, a girl who worked at the same part-time job bought an Aipuchi every month. When I calculated the cost of an Aipuchi for a year, it was cheaper to have a double incision surgery! To be honest, if I had to pay that much per year for Aipuchi, I think I could have a surgery for less than 100,000 yen now.

Utsumi: “In the past, it was often rumored that celebrity “00-san” had plastic surgery, but now it’s not something to hide anymore.

Yuriannu’s unpretentious personality is more favored by women than men. Yuriannu’s unpretentious personality is more favored by women than men, and her plastic surgery is not because she wants to be seen better by men, but because she wants to improve herself.

Yuriannu: “Male fans sometimes tell me that I should look more girly. I have more female fans than male fans.

Utsumi: “That’s the same as when I was an idol (laughs). My daughter wore her hair half pink and half blue for her college entrance ceremony. It was crazy, wasn’t it?

Even though her parents were entertainers, they did not allow their children to have extravagant spending money, and the maximum allowance was 2,000 yen.

For Yuriannu’s generation, attitudes toward plastic surgery have also changed. She says that plastic surgery is not something backward and dark that should be hidden, but something to maintain one’s own identity.

Utsumi said, “I also had a spot removal, but that cost about 200,000 yen. Once you start having plastic surgery, there is no end to it.”

Yuriannu: “Depending on the type of injection, it’s 50,000-60,000 yen.”

Utsumi “Actually, my daughter is a thrifty person except for plastic surgery. She even brings her own lunch from home (laughs).

Yuriannu “I don’t eat out. I sometimes allow her to go to Starbucks (laughs).

When asked, “Is there anything you want to fix now? She answered, “I don’t eat out (laughs).

Yuriannu: “Braces. I couldn’t wait to get braces, so I had my front teeth done. That made it difficult for me to get braces. If there is a media outlet that would take up my braces, I would appreciate it (laughs).”

The driving force behind her refusal to succumb to the flames of social networking is her unwavering goal of “performing a one-man live show with a song provided by a visual-kei musician.

Utsumi and Yuriannu have chosen a life of public appearances as idols. From the perspective of Utsumi’s generation, Yuriannu’s way of life may seem dangerous. However, it is Yuriannu who fits well into the era of self-production of one’s own life.

The two of them are like friends at times.
From their conversations, it seemed as if they were the most understanding of each other.
I look forward to seeing more of Yuriannu’s work in the future.
  • Interview and text Zene Ikemori

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