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Koroaki’s Private Arrest of Tashiro Continues Non-Prosecution

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Operating under the banner of “private arrest,” Rengoku Koroaki seems unfazed by the criticism.

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do it!”

Private Arrest YouTuber Rengoku Koroaki, also known as Kazuaki Sugita, reportedly caused trouble by attempting to privately arrest former entertainer Masashi Tashiro at the funeral of Torata Nanbu from “Dengeki Network.”

In September of last year, Koroaki was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of unlawfully restraining a man in his 50s near JR Kanamachi Station in Katsushika Ward. He was accused of pushing the man to the ground and straddling him. However, he was later not indicted. He was also arrested on suspicion of defamation against an 18-year-old woman, but this case also resulted in a non-prosecution disposition.

On the 28th, Koroaki’s X was written as follows

“I talked about trying to privately arrest Masashi Tashiro, and then I was assaulted. This is ridiculous. This guy hasn’t reflected on anything.”

It is written, and a video of that moment has also been posted.

Wearing the usual cosplay, Koroaki approached Tashiro closely and provoked a confrontation. It’s unclear what kind of pretext was used, but Tashiro said,

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do it!”

Then rebuffed him. Tashiro then grabbed Koroaki by the chest.

“Don’t touch me! It’s assault!”

And he starts making a commotion, saying, “Don’t touch me! It’s assault!” There is another person, a cameraman wearing sunglasses, and Tashiro lightly taps the man’s shoulder with his fist, demanding the cessation of filming, saying, “Stop it!”

In response to this, on the internet,

“What the hell are you doing at someone’s funeral?”
“You’re allowed to lose your temper over this.”
“Koroaki’s actions can be considered assault, right?”

Comments like these are causing a backlash.

“Nowadays, it seems that even if someone performs a private arrest and exposes it online, it tends to be seen as a win if you do it. Koroaki may be getting carried away, thinking that since the prosecution has decided not to prosecute him, he can do whatever he wants without facing any charges.

This kind of controversy marketing is likely to escalate further, and the X (formerly Twitter) impression earnings (revenue increases based on the number of views) will continue to be successful. This particular video has been viewed 4.5 million times in one day. Just making arrests alone doesn’t seem to have any deterrent effect. While he tells Tashiro to reflect, it seems Koroaki himself is not doing the same.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

At the wake for Mr. Nanbu held on the 28th, mourning clothes were prohibited in accordance with his wife’s wishes, and the attendees were sent off in a flamboyant manner, dressed in cosplay or stuffed animals.

When Nanbu passed away, Tashiro posted a photo of the two of them before his death on X

“Regardless of how many times I stumbled, Mr. Nanbu always invited me to his event, ‘Crazy Night,’ which he organized. It’s truly regrettable that I couldn’t repay his kindness before he passed away. Mr. Nanbu, rest in peace in heaven.”

Certainly, no one could have expected to be accosted by such an outrageous YouTuber at a farewell event for the deceased. Even if it was meant to be a lively send-off, Mr. Nanbu in heaven might be at a loss for words in the face of this situation.

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