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Concerns Rise Over Matsumoto’s Naughty Drinking Sessions Amid Women-Related Issues

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Many people are disappointed by the Bunshun report on Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi.

 Late last year, his female troubles were reported in the Shukan Bunshun, and on January 8, he announced his suspension. On January 22, he filed a lawsuit against Bungeishunju, the publisher of Bunshun, for defamation.

“Matsumoto strongly protests against the image of sexual misconduct attached to him in Bunshun. With a wife and daughter, it seems he could not tolerate it under any circumstances. As an individual, Matsumoto Hitoshi is showing a resolute stance of thorough resistance.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

The deadline for the suspension of activities has not been made clear. However, based on a series of reports, it is believed that he will not return to the public stage until the court decision is finalized.

Currently, Matsumoto has only filed one case against Bunshun’s first report, but there is a possibility that he may file additional lawsuits against the second and third arrows in the future.

“It will be a consolidation trial, but the time until the verdict is expected to be unnecessarily prolonged. Even if advised to settle by the court, it is likely to be rejected, and there is a good possibility of appeals and further appeals. I believe it will take at least two years until a verdict is reached.” (Legal professional)

His partner, Masatoshi Hamada, referred to Matsumoto in a broadcast of MBS radio’s “Gobugobu Radio” on the 26th of the same month.

“There’s no replacement for that person. Until he comes back, I’ll do my best with what I can.”

“There are things that need to be done now. I’ll do my best and wait patiently.”

However, it must be said that Matsumoto’s “comeback” is still a long shot at this point.

If the Bunshun report is true, it has brought disapproval for the previously undisclosed way of entertainment in his life.

Bunshun pointed out that there is a system in which junior comedians gather women and “pay” them to Matsumoto. In many cases, the participating women were not informed in advance that the male VIP was Matsumoto, and even when they were informed, they were asked to enjoy the surprise. Also,

In a game in which the participants were asked “Who do you like among the men?

Bunshun also reported scenes where, in a game asking “Who do you like among the men?” if Matsumoto is not chosen, he immediately becomes displeased or reacts with intense anger when rejected by women in certain situations.

It was also revealed that Matsumoto does not reimburse transportation expenses for women on their way home, or that junior comedians acting as organizers provide only a few thousand yen.

Of course, whether or not these facts are true will become clear during the upcoming trial, but many people were disgusted by the series of descriptions. On the Internet, there was a parade of tacky and seedy. In a sense, this has tarnished her image more than whether or not she is a sexual predator, which is the main line of suspicion.


“‘Empress of the West’ Emiko Uenuma, mentioned on a program, ‘Despite being a super elite person, his way of entertainment is below average!’ It’s exactly like that. Matsumoto, who reigns at the pinnacle of both society and the entertainment industry, with an unmatched financial status, is not expected to engage in such entertainment. Even in the comedy world, there are many disappointed voices saying, ‘Matsumoto-san, that’s really uncool.'” (Previously mentioned sports newspaper reporter)

Episodes like these, outside of the main narrative, are gradually having an impact like a lingering body blow.

“Publicly, we can only say that we are watching the outcome of the trial, but the image damage to Matsumoto is already serious, and especially companies expanding overseas will not get involved with him.

Since last year’s Johnny’s issue, the power to determine the fate of talents lies with sponsor companies. Even if he were to win the lawsuit completely, whether he can smoothly make a comeback.”

And they talk. The environment surrounding Matsumoto is becoming increasingly challenging day by day.

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