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TV Station Pressures Matsumoto to Fully Deny Scandal Due to Initial Mistake

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Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto Rocked by Sex Scandal

On January 24, Yoshimoto Kogyo updated its official website regarding the “Hitoshi Matsumoto” problem.

“We have received an article reporting that a number of women who attended a meeting in which one of our talents was allegedly involved suffered emotional distress, even though it was a private act, and we recognize that this is an issue that we should take seriously.”

In addition, while acknowledging that,

“We are currently in the process of  conducting interviews with the parties involved, including outside attorneys, while receiving advice from our compliance advisors and other sources.”

Yoshimoto commented.

At first, Yoshimoto made it sound as if there was no such drinking session as well as sexual assault by Matsumoto. Yoshimoto had denied it completely, but as new facts were uncovered one after another, he had no choice but to make such a comment.

In response to this, there have been reactions from the entertainment industry and elsewhere, 

“Yoshimoto should have interviewed thoroughly before making a statement. They rushed to deny it without waiting for the full picture.” (Entertainment industry insider)

There have been a number of opinions such as these, but did the agency really not interview the parties involved?

“I think it is highly unlikely that Yoshimoto would have believed Matsu-chan and the others from the beginning and released their comments without asking them. I think they are listening at least to a point.

If that is the case, it is more likely that Matsu-chan and the others were saying that everything is untrue. The office has no choice but to believe them. If they had heard that there was a drinking session, they would not have said nothing at all.” (A person involved in Wide Na Show)

Yoshimoto must have learned his lesson from the black market racket in the past, so he must have asked the parties involved for details. Therefore, if Matsumoto and the others had made false reports to the office, Yoshimoto would not be at peace.

From the comments that were released, many people involved felt that a distance had begun to form between Yoshimoto and Matsumoto, who had been seen as a fated couple.

However, a source at a key station said that behind Matsumoto’s initial complete denial was a certain situation.

“I think it was more to Mr. Matsumoto himself than to Yoshimoto’s side, but several TV stations where he appears have asked him to deny it completely.

The reason is that it was the end of the year when the first Bunshun report came out. Even if the allegations were still in the questionable stage, program sponsors would be nervous. All the programs he had appeared in or would appear in might be cancelled. To avoid that, we had to get him to deny it completely for now.”

For the TV station, this may have bought time to mitigate the damage, but it also resulted in widening Yoshimoto’s wounds. The possibility that Yoshimoto will sue Matsumoto in the future cannot be dismissed.

The Matsumoto problem is becoming more and more difficult to keep an eye on.

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