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Princess Kiko Worries About Prince Hisahito’s Health and Schooling Amidst Pressure

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Princess Noriko Akishino visited a child-rearing salon at a cultural facility on January 18. Photo: Kyodo News

“On January 6th, the Imperial Household Agency revealed that the health condition of Princess Kiko of Akishino (57) has not been good since last year. Following concerns about her gastrointestinal condition, she underwent examinations, including an endoscopy, but no cancer or ulcers were found. As of now, she has returned to official duties.” (Imperial Family Journalist)


While the possibility of suffering from a serious illness seemed extremely low, the fact that Princess Kiko has been absent from official duties or reported feeling unwell, excluding COVID-19 infections, has caused a ripple effect, as such occurrences have not been observed in the past.

“Afterward, she has returned to official duties, but considering the relatively short period of rest, there might be some aspects where she is pushing herself a bit. The cause of this recent discomfort is said to be related to issues with the autonomic nervous system and stress.” (Same source)

So, what could be the cause of Princess Kiko’s stress?

“The pressure as the imperial family with the first and second positions in the line of succession to the throne is extraordinary. However, regarding this instance, I heard that much of the focus is on the future and the schooling issue for Prince Hisahito.” (Same source)

Prince Hisahito will be a third-year student at the University of Tsukuba Affiliated High School starting from April. He is a student preparing for university entrance exams.

“There have been various speculations about the choice of the school, but among them, admission to the University of Tokyo seems to be a significant goal. It is said that this is also a desire of Princess Kiko.” (Same source)

When it comes to Prince Hisahito’s education, it is said that Princess Kiko, rather than Crown Prince Akishino, takes a more central role.

“Hence, there is a natural possibility that the pressure on Princess Kiko has increased. Regarding what has been heard about Prince Hisahito, there were points mentioned such as ‘not particularly strong in English’ and ‘resitting a year is not acceptable.'” (Same source)

If resitting a year is not acceptable, it is noteworthy whether there will be some degree of applying to multiple universities simultaneously, or if they will decide on recommendation-based admission at an early stage. Either way, it is attracting attention.

“There is also concern that Princess Kiko might be exerting excessive pressure on Prince Hisahito.” (Same source)

With Princess Kiko’s health issues not being publicly disclosed before, there is undoubtedly a fair amount of speculation surrounding this incident. The schooling matter of Prince Hisahito and the health issue of Princess Kiko will undoubtedly attract more attention than ever before.

  • Photo Kyodo News

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