Shocking Crime Coercion into Prostitution by Well-known Kabukicho Host in Okubo Park | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shocking Crime Coercion into Prostitution by Well-known Kabukicho Host in Okubo Park

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Kato allegedly forced a female customer into prostitution (some photos have been edited)

“I’ll keep an eye on you to make sure you’re standing up properly.”

The man, who used to be a host, is said to have coerced women into prostitution by threatening them in this manner.

On January 24, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Security Division announced the arrest of suspect Kato Katsutoshi (27), an employee at a host club in Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward, with an unknown address, on suspicion of coercion. Since May of last year, Kato allegedly forced a female customer, who was 22 years old at the time, to engage in solicitation activities for prostitution in the vicinity of Okubo Park in Kabukicho. Kato has reportedly admitted to the allegations during the police investigation.

“The victim, Ms. A, had been visiting the host club ‘M,’ where the suspect Kato was employed, since around the autumn of 2021. She would come to ‘M’ about three times a month, consistently requesting Kato, who went by the name ‘Oniken Moroha’ and was a well-known host in Kabukicho.

However, due to quitting her job, Ms. A faced financial difficulties and could no longer afford to go to the host club. On the other hand, she had an outstanding bill of about 210,000 yen. Kato persistently demanded payment from Ms. A.” (National Newspaper Social Affairs Reporter)

Keep the GPS turned on

Mr. A stopped coming to the store, but in May of last year, he ran into Kato by chance.

“Reportedly, suspect Kato again pressured Ms. A to pay the outstanding ‘bill,’ saying, ‘Tell me your parents’ contact information!'” (Same source)

Suspect Kato is alleged to have coerced prostitution for the outstanding bill and made threats in this regard.

“Sell your body standing in Okubo Park to pay off the debt!”

“Keep the GPS on your smartphone turned on. I’ll be monitoring to make sure you’re standing properly.”

Ms. A spent several days in May of last year in the Okubo Park area and engaged in prostitution. She gave 60,000 yen of her earnings to Kato, and the rest, about 150,000 yen, was paid to the suspect. Why did the suspect drive Ms. A into a corner and commit the crime? Behind this is a surprising circumstance unique to host clubs.

“Hosts face intense pressure, including reprimands from the club’s executives, if they cannot collect the outstanding bills by the deadline. It seems that suspect Kato was also under considerable stress. In response to police questioning, he made the following statement: ‘If I couldn’t collect, my salary would be reduced, and life would become difficult.’

The victims include female customers who frequent host clubs. Many women, unable to pay substantial bills like Ms. A, turn to activities such as sugar dating or prostitution. At the end of last year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested 95 women engaging in prostitution around Okubo Park for violations of the Anti-Prostitution Law. It is said that nearly half of them were engaging in solicitation to earn money for payments related to host clubs and similar establishments.” (Same source)


The police are making efforts to crack down on host clubs that are operating in bad faith.

At one time, he was a host with considerable sales (some photos have been edited).
Did he threaten a woman by telling her to stand in Okubo Park?
Police are trying to uncover malicious host clubs (some photos have been edited).
He admitted to the crime, saying, “I didn’t want to lose my salary.”
The building in Kabukicho where Kato worked (photo has been edited)
The building in Kabukicho where Kato worked (photo has been edited)
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