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Yukina Kinoshita Faces Solo Parenting Amid Relationship Turmoil

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Yukina Kinoshita, a mother of two daughters, is immersed in “one-operator” child-rearing. ……

“I’m irritated! I’m irritated!”

“They come one after another, taking turns, saying trivial and annoying things.”

Former TV personality and YouTube star Yukina Kinoshita posted the following on her YouTube channel on January 26

“I can’t stand it anymore.”

expressing her frustrations and complaints about her two daughters.

She expressed her frustration, mentioning that after sending her children to school, she went to a beef bowl chain, ordered takeout, and filmed herself voraciously eating it at 9 in the morning.

In a previous video, she revealed that she had been living with her boyfriend, soccer player Hidetomi Miki, for three and a half years. However, she shared that they are now living apart since Miki has completed a full transfer to the South Korean K League team “Chungbuk Cheongju FC” at the end of the year.

Kinoshita has an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old daughter, and she is currently struggling with household chores and childcare on her own.

“It’s like, ‘Miyu-tan (Miyuki), you’re not here anymore.’ I realized that he was always quite helpful, helping with things around the house and such. Various things were really helpful, you know?

When Miyu-tan was gone, it was like a promise to properly help Mom. That’s the kind of feeling I had with my daughters.”

Recently, however, when she was taking in the finished laundry and piling it up in the hallway, she said, 

“Mom, it’s time to fold the laundry and put it away!” At the time I thought, “What?” But I put up with it.

She mentioned that various things piled up too much on the morning of shooting this video, and she exploded, venting her frustration on her daughters.

“If you know your clothes are there, why don’t you pick them up and fold them yourself? When she said that, I thought, ‘What are you talking about?'”

After finishing housework, Kinoshita engages in aerobic exercise using a treadmill at her home. However, even during this time, her daughters take turns coming up to talk to her.

“Which rubber here or which rubber here is better?” or “Either is fine!”

“My second daughter came and said, ‘The string of the clothes…’ I don’t know! Do it yourself!”

“I was so annoyed, I even said, ‘Don’t talk to me at all.'”

However, after talking for a while, she fell into self-loathing, saying, “I have a narrow-mindedness.”

“I want to be alone.” She cried.


“After divorcing ‘Fujiwara’ Toshifumi Fujimoto, she lived with Mitsuki and received considerable help in housework and childcare. It seems that the workload increased with single-parenting, and she appeared to be in a state of panic. In her direct messages, she mentioned receiving a lot of supportive messages from other moms, providing encouragement.

It’s currently unclear what her main profession is, but balancing work and single-parenting appears to be challenging for Ms. Kinoshita. However, sharing videos venting about her children on YouTube might not be necessary. Perhaps she’s facing difficulties in coming up with content.”

The Tapioca scandal and allegations of infidelity with other soccer players have surrounded Ms. Kinoshita. Lately, it seems she is troubled by the challenges of single-parenting and is panicking.

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