Female director of former Johnny’s’s office leaves the company… and moves to “CULEN” of “New Map”! Trends of concern | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Female director of former Johnny’s’s office leaves the company… and moves to “CULEN” of “New Map”! Trends of concern

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Will “New Map” and Yumiko Shigeoka really join forces? ……

On January 12, “Spo nichi Annex” reported that Yumiko Shigeoka, former general producer of Fuji Television and director of “SMILE-UP.

During her time at Fuji Television, Shigeoka produced “NIN×NIN Ninja Hattori-kun THE MOVIE” starring Shingo Katori, a member of “SMAP,” “THE Utopia Hotel” and “The Magic Hour” written and directed by Koki Mitani, among others. Later, he also produced the drama “Lucky Seven,” starring Matsumoto Jun of “Arashi.” In April 2006, he was transferred from Fuji to the former Johnny’s office.” He left Fuji in March 2010, and as a director of the agency, he served as a liaison with various TV stations.

The staff at the old Johnny’s office was overwhelmingly male, and the few female staff members were all dressed in black pantsuits and kept a low profile so as not to arouse jealousy among fans. In contrast, Ms. Shigeoka always wore large Chanel accessories and a fine white and other tweed jackets.

She was a symbol of the strong ties between the agency and the TV stations, especially Fuji, and stood out from the crowd with her elegant appearance on the set. I have the impression that she was well-liked by the talent in her agency.

However, the new agency “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT” is like a foreign-affiliated company. The new agency, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, however, is like a foreign-affiliated agency, with a choice between a management contract and an agent contract.

The style of publicity and advertising is completely different from that of the former Johnny’s, and the so-called “calling” of the entertainment media has been eliminated. The ‘bridge to TV stations’ that she used to play is no longer important for ‘STARTO.

Mr. Shigeoka himself told a close acquaintance, “I’m going to leave the industry for a while,

Mr. Shigeoka himself is said to have told a close acquaintance, “I’m going to leave the industry for a while and take it easy.

(A source in the entertainment production industry),

But there must be plenty of offices that would be willing to pay her a high price for her abilities. I think the first of them is CULEN, to which New Map belongs. I think there is a good chance that she will return to the field soon.

He said, “I think there is a good chance that he will return to the scene of the crime soon. The reason for this is the relationship with the current president of CULEN, Mr. Michi Iijima.

When Mr. Shigeoka was transferred to the old Johnny’s office, he had the reputation of being called by Julie-san (Keiko Fujishima Julie). Mr. Shigeoka was also a former Fuji Television station employee. Julie used to work for Fuji Television, too. However, the only movies she produced while at Fuji Television were those starring Shingo Katori. Mr. Iijima was his manager at the time.

It was said that Mr. Julie, who was in charge of Arashi, and Mr. Iijima, who was manager of SMAP, were “dogs and monkeys. It was even rumored that the vehicles in which each of them rode took different routes. When Mr. Shigeoka was transferred to the former Johnny’s, he was worried that he had no face to match with Mr. Iijima.

However, after he officially became a director of the former Johnny’s, he became a bridge between the Tokyo-based TV stations and the former Johnny’s and truly became Mr. Julie’s one arm. Although Mr. Iijima had already left Johnny’s, he was a great admirer of Mr. Shigeoka’s talent,

A person who knows them well said, “Mr. Iijima loves talented women, and considering her personality, it is very likely that he is interested in Mr. Shigeoka. Even if there is no direct action at this stage, I think a spectacular comeback is possible depending on how Ms. Shigeoka feels.

If Ms. Shigeoka joins “CULEN,” it is likely that the talent who admire her will move on. If that happens, there may be a new change in the power balance between “STARTO,” “TOBE,” and “CULEN.

He predicts. We cannot take our eyes off Mr. Shigeoka’s future developments.

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