Mens’ underground idol “too malicious trick” to take money from underage girls. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mens’ underground idol “too malicious trick” to take money from underage girls.

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The suspect, Kurita, was arrested. He has remained silent in response to investigations.

Malicious hosts were not the only ones who encouraged underage girls and exploited them for money.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Ryunosuke Kurita, 32, president of his entertainment agency NA Promotion, and Takuya Hatanaka, 42, the company’s chief advisor, on suspicion of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Prevention of Disturbances.

“In January ’23, a live concert of men’s underground idols was held at a live house in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. After the live concert, there was a photo session called ‘Cheki-kai,’ where if you paid 1,000 yen, you could have a conversation with your idols for one minute while taking two shots with your idols of your choice. In order to make the girls pay more money, they pressed their lower bodies against the hips of high school girls in front of other fans, making the girls feel elated because they wanted to have the male idols all to themselves.

From September 2010 to January 2011, the victim high school girl spent a total of approximately 2.5 million yen on underground idols, including tickets for photo shoots and out-of-store dates. All of the money he contributed was earned by selling his own body through “papa katsu.

On the 24th, he was sent to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Employment Security Law.

Fans of men’s underground idols belonging to “NA Promotion” are issued “NA Point Cards.

The card gives one point for each ticket purchased (1,000 yen) and one point for each live performance. 1500 points entitles the holder to a 4-hour date including Disney or Puroland, and 3000 points entitles the holder to an 8-hour one-day trip to Osaka (local meeting and local dismissal). 1500 points is equivalent to 1.5 million yen. The 1500 points are worth 1.5 million yen, and the 3000 points are worth 3 million yen. While this is a lot of money for young women, some “big customers” are said to spend several million yen in a single visit just to get enough points for the privilege.

NA Promotion is a major player in the industry with 40 group companies and a total of 250 men’s underground idols. In April last year, Hatanaka, the company’s chief advisor, and a 20-year-old former employee were arrested on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Establishments Control Law by ordering a bottle of sparkling wine for 25,000 yen and a bottle of champagne for 300,000 yen each from girls who were 16 and 17 at the time at NA Cafe, which was operated by the company. It seems that all the employees of the cafe were men’s underground idols belonging to Hatanaka’s company.

The suspect Hatanaka was arrested along with Kurita.

As at the previous live concert, “NA Cafe” offered checkers for 1,100 yen each, and points were awarded according to the amount of the order. 500 points (500,000 yen) would get you a date with the waitress of your choice, and 1,500 points (1,500,000 yen) would get you a date at Disneyland. At this café, too, there were girls who were being siphoned off.

The male employees of the café were offered a way to debut as idols, depending on their individual sales. The girls would sell their bodies to support their favorite male cast members, and would go to the café and order wine for tens of thousands of yen in competition. A former employee who was arrested last year even had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl who ordered sparkling wine in a semi-private VIP room.

When the expiration date of their point cards was approaching, the underground idols would encourage the girls to order expensive drinks and buy large quantities of checkered tickets, saying, “We’ve worked so hard and it would be a waste if the points disappear. The hostesses would say, ‘Let me be the number one in the store. In the same way that a host would say, ‘Let me be the number one guy in the bar,’ an underground idol would beg, ‘Please make me a top idol with your help, 00-chan.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been receiving a succession of inquiries from families who say that their daughters are prostituting themselves to pay tribute to men’s idols, and the number of consultations from families, which was about 40 in 2010, has jumped to about 100 in the past year. The tactics of inciting girls who have neither money nor the ability to make decisions to take the money they earn through prostitution should never be tolerated.

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