Positive aura in full bloom! Ammika and Norika Fujiwara, who brighten up Japan, have too much in common. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Positive aura in full bloom! Ammika and Norika Fujiwara, who brighten up Japan, have too much in common.

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Since the beginning of the year, Japan has been hit by a series of dark news stories that make one want to cover one’s eyes. It is precisely because of this situation that some celebrities seem to be dazzling. They are Anmika (51) and Norika Fujiwara (52), who always radiate a cheerful aura.

For the past year or two, not a day goes by that Anmika is not seen on terrestrial TV. The fact that she has jumped up from being the queen of TV shopping to becoming an indispensable presence on Japanese variety shows can only be described as a blessing in disguise. Sales of Anmika-related goods, such as daily calendars, have been strong.

Ammika’s unique Kansai-ben character is also gaining support.

Norika was often seen on terrestrial TV during the year-end and New Year holidays, perhaps to promote her stage play “Mage the Cat’s Eye,” which will start in February. It is no secret that the rest of her days are spent keeping busy as the wife of Ainosuke Kataoka (51), who is also the wife of Nashien.

This writer, too, has been keeping an eye on the two, following their appearances on TV programs and SNS for several years now. Every time I check them out, I exclaim, “Wow! ……,” and when I see how powerful they are, I feel ashamed of my own self-indulgent lifestyle. After repeated such watching, I found some commonalities between Ammika & Kika, which I would like to introduce.

Unique Attitudes Toward Beauty and Fashion

First, they both come from modeling backgrounds. Ammika has appeared twice at the Paris Collection and once had her own “Paris Collection Studies Taught by Ammika” corner on “Hayashi Sensei no Hajimimimimi Gakko” (TBS). Kika won the Grand Prix at the “24th Miss Japan” and went on to become a regular model for “CanCam” before turning to acting. In short, they are both long-legged and tall with great style.

As a model by birth……, it is perhaps not surprising, but they are more particular about beauty and fashion than most people. If I were to describe Anmika’s wardrobe in a few words, it would be a flood of primary colors, gold, and silver. She wears outfits that would be an accident for a normal woman to wear as they are, but she wears them with her gorgeous face and super body.

One of her famous quotes about fashion is, “Black has 300 colors. That’s really powerful. The outfit she wore will be uploaded on Instagram on the day of the event, so be sure to check it out. Fashion is an explosion! I want to say.

When she was a model, Kika says that she had no money and had to get by on the smell of dust from yakiniku restaurants. She says that even though she was able to save money on food, she did not cut back on her beauty expenses (from the December 2011 broadcast of “Ichiruwa shiranai hanashi 3-hour special” on Nippon Television).

In the past, she has been a regular contributor to “Kika Buddy! a photo essay that conveys the efforts she has made to maintain her beautiful body. In an interview with the website “with online,” she said, “I’ve been married for seven years, and I think it’s because I have more opportunities to wear a kimono as a uniform, and thanks to that, I received the Kimonoist 2023 award the other day. Kika said boldly, I’ve been wearing kimonos for the past seven years. As one would expect from her, she is very thorough in the way she lives her life.

The most notable aspect of their personal lives is their partners. The common denominator is that they are a married couple and the husband earns a very good living.

Norika Fujiwara, who also won the Kimonoist of 2023

Anmika’s husband, Theodore Miller, is an American and the president of an event planning company. Apparently, his parents are also celebrities, and their grand wedding reception was broadcast on a variety show. It was impressive that Ammika wore a chimachogori for her color change.

Twice a year, the couple enjoys a long vacation together and uploads photos taken of each other on SNS. On her husband’s recent birthday, she sent him a message of love, saying, “I wish you a healthy and peaceful year, my wide vessel, humorous, and pure husband who always talks to me face to face and is by my side at all times. To sum up on behalf of all women’s impressions, “I am envious.

Norika’s husband is the well-known kabuki actor Ainosuke Kataoka. When they were first married, they were often criticized for accompanying their wife to regional performances, but now many people visit their performances just to see her. She takes perfect care of her patrons, sending them long-winded messages about the highlights of the show. On the birthdays of her customers, she prepares gifts in advance to suit their tastes. She also prepares 2,000 New Year’s cards by hand. She also has her own work as a TV personality, so just reading about her busy schedule is enough to make one’s eyes twirl.

But Kika seemed to be enjoying her work while wearing reading glasses on the aforementioned variety show (from “Ichiryukyaku denshiranai hanashi 3-hour special”). She also said that her busy days make her happy and that she would like to “generate my own happiness” (from the January 15 broadcast of “Tetsuko’s Interview,” a TV Asahi program). Where will the electricity be supplied? I would like to have it at my house.

I don’t know the details, but both couples have no children and are enjoying their lives together.

Finally. What I find most amazing is that even though they are both extremely busy, they update their social networking sites very frequently.

Anmika makes full use of Instagram, Threads, TikTok, and Ameblo. Even during her long vacations with her husband, she never misses a chance to advertise the shows in which she appears. In addition, she is seen daily on terrestrial television, which leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Norika updates not only herself but also her husband’s information on her Ameblo, Instagram, and Facebook, where she has changed the title from “Kiai to Kiai de ♪ Norinorinorika” to “Idle Norinorinori Diary. Normally, she would lose her temper just writing 2,000 New Year’s cards, but she always keeps up with promotions. They are the epitome of creators.

Both of them are unusually positive and powerful. And they are both in their 50s. As long as they are around, the future of Japan is bright.

  • Interview and text by Hisano Kobayashi

    Hisano Kobayashi/Hisano Kobayashi writes essays and columns, edits, writes, and works as a promoter. She is the author of "Kekkon to nakonoshikanai Uruwashikana Jinsei" (KK Bestsellers), "45 cm no Distance: About Human Relations in a World with More Functions to Connect" (WAVE Publishing), and "Best of Heisei Drama! (Seishun Shuppansha). Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

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