At the top with her overwhelming style! Fans rejoice at the “shining beautiful body” of the grand prix winner of the “Japan Race Queen Awards”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

At the top with her overwhelming style! Fans rejoice at the “shining beautiful body” of the grand prix winner of the “Japan Race Queen Awards”!

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Ran Matsuda won the Grand Prix. Her outstanding proportions captured the attention of the audience.

The “Japan Race Queen Awards 2023” are determined by fan votes based on the activities of more than 400 race queens during 2011, and the grand prize was announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 held in mid-January, with Rena Kuroki, Miyuki Naka, Mayu Hirose, and Kotone Minase winning the awards. The top prize, the Grand Prix, was awarded to “ZZ”. The Grand Prix, the highest award, went to Ran Matsuda, a member of ZENT Sweeties.

Ms. Matsuda, who says she has longed to be a race queen since she was a child, boasts outstanding proportions with her 165cm height, 58cm waist, and slender, beautiful legs. After being nominated last November, she declared on her SNS, “I will definitely win the Race Queen Grand Prix! I will definitely win the Grand Prix! It turned out to be a great success. After the event, she expressed her joy.

I won the Adam Award at last year’s Race Queen Awards. I am happy because I wanted to aim even higher this year. To be honest, I was wondering if it was too early for me right now. I was wondering if it was too big a statement of intent, but I was absolutely determined to do it. But I definitely wanted to get it! I have been working hard with that in mind. Thanks to all of my fans who have supported me, I was able to win the Grand Prix Race Queen Award, which is proof of being a top race queen. Thank you very much.”

In the newcomer category, which is for new race queens who have been in the industry for less than one year, 33 contestants entered, and three were selected: Yuka Ichinose, Kaede Kimura, and Saya Yabuse. Kaede Kimura was selected as the grand prix winner in the newcomer division. The winner of the Grand Prix in the Costume Division was the team “WedsSport Racing Gals,” which won the Grand Prix for the third time, the most in history.

The Costume Awards have been held since last year. A wide variety of unique costumes were on display.

On the other hand, the day after the Japan Race Queen Awards were decided, the 2nd Tokyo Auto Salon Costume Awards were held on the last day of the Auto Salon. This award is given to the companion costumes that liven up the booths at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and the committee selects the “Excellent Award” based on design, popularity, and other factors. This year, “Sphere Light,” “Rowen JAPAN,” and “SHIBATIRE” were selected from among approximately 380 exhibitors. This is the second time that SHIBATIRE has won the award, following last year.

Of the three companies, “Sphere Light” attracted the most attention with their full-body net-tights-like costumes. 3 Sphere Girls and 7 Sphere Queens, a total of 10 people, appeared at the award ceremony. The representative, Ami Kisaki, is a veteran queen who is active as a model and TV personality mainly in the Kansai area. I’m so happy because I was aiming for this year’s Costume Awards! I am so happy! I think it is really thanks to all of you,” she said.

Yui Arata of “SHIBATIRE,” which won for the second year in a row, said, “I am very happy to receive such a wonderful award. Yui is also active as a race queen, but when she served as a ring girl at Tenshin Nasukawa’s professional boxing debut in April ’23, she was talked about as “too beautiful! She became the talk of the town. Since then, her SNS followers have soared, and her activities, including TV dramas and variety shows, have expanded rapidly.

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show was even more spectacular than last year. Here is a look back at the event, focusing on the beautiful women who graced the venue.

Ms. Matsuda expresses her joy at winning the Grand Prix, which she says was her dream.
Kurumi Natori, winner of last year’s grand prix race queen award, also attended the ceremony.
Fans rejoice at the “shining beautiful body” of the grand prix winner of the “Japan Race Queen Awards.
The “Costume Awards” were held the day after the Race Queen Awards. SHIBATIRE” won the award for the second year in a row.
The beauties of “Rowen JAPAN,” which also won the Costume Award.
Members of “Sphere Light,” which also won an award. Their sexy costumes stood out from the crowd.
  • Interview and text by Kumiko Kato Kumiko Kato

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