Miki Mizuno Known for Her Role as a Lawyer in “The Man Who Wouldn’t Divorce”, Surprises as a Superb Actress in Remarkable Rebirth | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miki Mizuno Known for Her Role as a Lawyer in “The Man Who Wouldn’t Divorce”, Surprises as a Superb Actress in Remarkable Rebirth

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In an interview with the author of the 13th essay collection “The Old Man in Me”. In a book of essays published in 2013, she said, I think there is a gap between my overall image and the image of Miki Mizuno that you have in your mind.

The TV drama series “The Man Who Won’t Get a Divorce: A Husband and Wife’s Deceitful Love,” starring actor Atsushi Ito (40), started on January 20.

It is based on Reiji Otake’s comic “The Man Who Won’t Get a Divorce” (published by Shosha). The main character, played by Ito, works for a newspaper company and decides to divorce his wife after witnessing her adultery. In order to win custody, he pretends not to notice the affair and gathers evidence. The film is a black comedy that depicts him confronting the harsh reality that the percentage of fathers winning custody in Japan is almost 10%.


This work had attracted attention because it would be the last terrestrial serial drama work as a scriptwriter by Osamu Suzuki (51), a broadcaster who has announced his retirement in March. Furthermore, the role of the heroine’s adulterous wife, which had been kept under wraps prior to the broadcast, was revealed in the first broadcast to be played by Mariko Shinoda (37), and the fact that she, who was once divorced after reportedly having an affair, plays a role that seems to be straight out of her real life is drawing attention.

Meanwhile, the performance of Miki Mizuno (49), who plays the role of the representative of the law firm that the main character visits for advice, is also attracting attention.

She is a skilled lawyer with one of the best records in Japan in divorce cases, especially those involving parental rights. She has a dry personality and confronts the protagonist with the harsh reality of trying to win custody of a male parent, but in fact she has a compassionate side and is gradually moved by her desperate actions for the sake of her beloved daughter, Shinnei.

A characterful visual with white hair and a celebrity look. The way the lines are worded is also unique, and uses an elegant and polite tone to describe the activities of men and women as “O●●●●.” According to Osamu Suzuki, the character’s model is the legendary sexy video director Toru Murakishi, which makes sense, but what’s shocking is that the lawyer character’s model is Murakishi, and the actor who plays him is Mizuno. (laughs) (TV magazine reporter)


Speaking of Mizuno, she co-starred with actor Toshiaki Karasawa (60) in a commercial for the cosmetics “Kose Lucheri” that aired in 1992. Mizuno’s line, “Hey, give me a kiss,” attracted a lot of attention and won the Silver Prize in the 9th New Words and Trendy Words Awards.

Originally, she was very athletic and had mastered the first dan of Shorinji-ken, and at one time she aspired to become an action actress. However, her role as Yukino Kashiwagi, the madonna of the police station, in the popular detective drama series “Odoru Daisousasen” (Bayside Shakedown), which started in 1997 on Fuji Television, established her as a legitimate actress. However, she was not satisfied with her performance.


In 2007, Mizuno established a theater unit, and in the movie “Crime of Love,” released in 2011, she took on her first full nude scene in order to overturn her previous image. However, this was only a preliminary step.

Mizuno will appear in “Take Love, Winter” (TV Asahi) in the January 2017 season, which is written by Mr. Suzuki. In this love suspense drama, the main character played by Kana Kurashina (36), her fiancé played by Shohei Miura (35), and her ex-lover played by Ryohei Otani (43) are in a love triangle, and the ex-lover’s wife, also played by Mizuno, joins the love triangle. In the third episode, Mizuno played a scene that is still talked about as legendary among drama fans.

The main character visits her ex-lover’s house and kiss him, when a voice calls out resentfully from an empty room, “I’m here! The next moment, the closet door opens and the wife of the ex-lover, played by Mizuno, comes out of the closet with a smile on her face. At this moment, Mizuno was born as a mysterious female actress. Since then, she has been making her way as a supporting actor with a bit of a quirk.


In her private life, it was reported that she had married actor and illustrator Mitsuru Karahashi (46) in October 2016, and their first child was born the following year. As the saying goes, “A mother is strong.” Recently, she has been giving a series of frank talks on the TBS talk variety show “Donut Talk,” for which she serves as MC.

In the January 21 broadcast of the same program, she said , I have been a strong drinker since I was in my twenties. I can drink a whole bottle of shochu and sake, However, the only sake I can drink is Shaoxing sake, and the first time I drank a whole bottle, I had a reverse reaction.

Mizuno also entertains viewers with her talk. This season, she also appeared in “My Neighbor Nurse Aide” (NTV).

Osamu Suzuki also commented on Mizuno’s role in this drama, Miki Mizuno, who is indispensable in my works, is playing the role. She is a rather eccentric character actor,” he said in an interview. We will be watching more of her bizarre performances in the drama.

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One night, Mizuno visits Hideaki Ito at his apartment. About two hours later, the two go out from the apartment (’01 Apr. 13 issue).
The two enjoyed dinner at a Korean-style tavern. Afterwards, they returned to his mansion again in Ito’s car (April 13, ’01 issue).
The next morning, a car from his office came to pick Ito up. After Ito got in, Mizuno also got in. The staff at the office seemed to be on good terms with Ito (April 13, 2001 issue).
Mizuno was on location in Tokyo in February 2020. She moved quickly and finished filming in just one hour.
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