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Unique “Latin” Anna Nakagawa Rapidly Ascends as NHK’s Next Ace

NHK executives are looking forward to her as the "post Kuwako and Wakuda" announcer.

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From Anna Nakagawa’s Instagram @nakagawa.anna1022

NHK announcer Anna Nakagawa (30) has recently become the talk of the town in the TV industry for her increasing popularity and ability as the next ace in the NHK’s female announcing lineup. She is the anchor of NHK’s signature sports program Sunday Sports and the face of Sunday nights, but she is also a unique bright character at NHK, calling herself a Latina.

 “Anna Nakagawa lived in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean from the age of 10 for about four years. Even on the official website of NHK’s Announcer Division, she promotes her personality cultivated in the Central American island, stating, ‘The brightness of Latin culture has become part of my identity now.’

In reality, NHK, known for its conservative image, finds a rare, vibrant, and sun-like aura in Anna, who always brings a cheerful atmosphere to the studio with her constant smiles, adding a unique charm to the surroundings.” (Sports Journalist)

An internationalist who spent about four years in Finland during childhood. Anna Nakagawa, having graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Keio University, joined NHK in 2016. After stints at broadcasting stations in Akita and Hiroshima, she transferred to the Tokyo Announcer Division in April 2020.

Since that month, she has been serving as a reporter on the morning information program Asaichi, and in April 2022, she succeeded Moe Soejima as the caster for Sunday Sports. In November of the same year, during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, she took on the role of the studio host, showcasing her impactful presence.

“While studying at Keio University, she shone as a finalist in the ‘Miss Keio Contest 2015.’ Often praised for her healthy beauty, she has gained high popularity among viewers.” (Wide Show Entertainment Desk)

Recently, it has been noted that images posted by Anna Nakagawa on her Instagram have been gaining traction. Particularly noteworthy was a full-body shot she uploaded on December 20th last year, featuring her in a knitwear and jeans ensemble.

“Wearing what appears to be casual attire, her remarkable style garnered a flood of praise in the comments. The response was so overwhelming that some even likened her to ‘Fujiko Mine.'” (Same source)

Having returned to Tokyo for almost four years now, NHK executives are said to have high expectations for this exceptional talent. In recent years, the network has maintained a top position with the duo of Maho Kuwako (36) and Mayuko Wakuda (35). Meanwhile, figures like Risa Hayashida (34), the caster for News Watch 9, and Izumi Yamauchi (30), the caster for News 7, are vying for those positions.

“Wakuda became a mother in the summer of 2022, and Kuwako, who remarried actor Yukiyoshii Ozawa in September 2021, may also have a child soon. Both are actively engaged in the forefront, but NHK is faced with the urgent task of nurturing the ‘post-Kuwako and Wakuda’ generation.

In this context, executives within the station, while acknowledging Nakagawa’s sports-oriented character, are increasingly appreciating her brightness and announcing skills. There is a growing momentum within the organization to position her as a strong candidate for the next ace. NHK is often perceived by viewers as too serious, but Nakagawa possesses the energy to change such an atmosphere. The 30s is typically when female announcers at NHK start gaining momentum, and it might be safe to say that Nakagawa is on the brink of a full-fledged breakthrough.” (Same sports journalist as mentioned before)

This year, we are likely to see more of her on TV screens and social networking sites.

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Anna Nakagawa (above left) was a finalist in the 31st Miss Keio Contest. She was a 21-year-old fourth-year law student at the time. Yuko Ando and Yuko Kuniya were her role models (July 24, 2015 issue)
Wearing a knit and jeans that became a hot topic on Instagram (from Anna Nakagawa’s Instagram @nakagawa.anna1022)
A shot of Anna Nakagawa wearing a knit and jeans that became a hot topic on her Instagram (from @nakagawa.anna1022)
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