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Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Failure to Protect Junior Comedians

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (left), who sued Bungeishunju, and Speed Wagon’s Kazutaka Ozawa, who was pointed out as an attendant.

The wound continues to widen.

Comedians involved in the alleged sexual assault of Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto are beginning to be shunned.

FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting has canceled the broadcast of “Koji Imada’s Natural Tour,” which was scheduled for February 4th.

“Due to scheduling reasons, the broadcast of this program will be suspended for the time being.”

The program will include Jun Kurose of the comedy duo “Punk Boo Boo” will navigate the program, taking Koji Imada and others on a tour of Fukuoka.

Speaking of Kurose, he reportedly gathered women at a hotel to attend to Matsumoto. Ironically, “Suppin Tour” is a traveling variety show similar to “Fukuoka Hitoshi,” (FBS) in which Matsumoto and Kurose co-starred.

The official website of the show has already been deleted, and it seems that due to the influence of Matsumoto and Kurose, Imada’s program has also suffered a setback.

Similarly, Kazutaka Ozawa of Speed Wagon, who was attended by Matsumoto, is also in jeopardy of making a comeback.

His partner, Jun Idoda, appeared at the “Mando Fest,” a showcase for the promotion of Sanyutei Tomu and Nishikishotei Mando, held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on March 21, and decided to talk alone because Ozawa was on hiatus. The audience responded:

“Speedwagon is the best!”

from the audience, Idoda replied.

“Ozawa would be delighted. He’s currently in a mentally critical state and seems to have hardly ventured outside at all.”

And on the 22nd, in the latest Smart FLASH report, it was revealed that Ozawa, who had been refraining from activities, was caught outside in mid-January. Wearing a cap, glasses, and a mask, when the reporter asked, 

“Are you Mr. Ozawa?”

he replied with,


pretending to be someone else.


“The situation for both Mr. Kurose and Mr. Ozawa is that they feel constrained by Mr. Matsumoto and are unable to move freely. If they can communicate with their own words, like Mr. Tamura Kenji, the impact on their activities may be minimal. However, maintaining silence is the most ‘unwise move’ as entertainers. 

Before Mr. Matsumoto claims baseless allegations or declares a fight, shouldn’t he, first and foremost, use his own words to explain and, at the very least, protect the junior who sweated for his sake? The longer Mr. Matsumoto continues to evade, the more likely the juniors will have their entertainment lives cut off, potentially making a comeback impossible.” (TV industry insider)

Beat Takeshi appeared on “Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle” (TV Asahi) broadcast on March 21 and commented on the cab fare Matsumoto reportedly gave to the women.

“Don’t mess around. Calling amateurs and offering 2,000 or 3,000 yen for transportation, that’s cheap. He should hold a press conference immediately. Just say, ‘I did such a thing,’ it’s comedy after all.”

He said.

He later announced on the 22nd that he had filed a lawsuit against Bungeishunju, the publisher of Weekly Bunshun, seeking 550 million yen in damages for defamation and the publication of a public apology. The dispute is now heading to court, and the possibility of Matsumoto holding a press conference anytime soon has become almost nonexistent.

The controversy involving not only Matsumoto but also actively performing junior comedians in the entertainment industry. Is there a solution to this situation?

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