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Alex Earns 40 Million to Support Nozomi Kawasaki

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In her own Instagram post, Nozomi Kawasaki (on the right in the photo) reported her passing of the Real Estate Transaction Specialist Exam, with Alex. In the post, she expressed gratitude to Alex and their supportive family for the accomplishment (from her Instagram account @kawasakinozomi).

“After waiting eagerly for three years, I can finally make this announcement.”


This was stated by Nozomi Kawasaki, a former member of AKB48 who is currently active as a talent and entrepreneur. On November 21 last year, she announced on her YouTube channel that she had passed the challenging national qualification exam for the Real Estate Transaction Specialist, with a pass rate of 17%.

As a mother of two, Nozomi Kawashima’s husband, Alexander (commonly known as Alex), is often known for doing things that are not entirely clear.

“When it comes to Alex, there have been past reports of infidelity. When the two of them established their own management office in 2021, he declared, ‘I will continue to do my best as Non-chan’s parasite, helping with driving, cleaning, childcare, and cooking.’ This might give the impression of him being a dependent or playboy. However, in reality, it’s not the case.

Looking at his blog, you can see that he engages in crafts for the children, prepares bento side dishes even in the middle of the night, and overall exhibits qualities of a good father. In addition, he is very dedicated, taking care of tasks such as taking out the trash, checking homework, and tidying up toys down to the smallest details.” (Entertainment Writer)

In fact, if you take a look at their YouTube channel, you can see scenes where Alex is actively carrying the children and there are videos titled “Mom is not here!! Solo Parenting,” indicating that he regularly participates in parenting duties.

In a previous blog post, Alex wrote, “I was told by Non-chan’s mother that I’m a bit too fussy about parenting.” (original text). This indicates that he is so fond of children that Non-chan’s mother couldn’t help but offer a word of advice.

“When they appeared on ‘Weekly Sanma and Matsuko,’  Chinatsu Wakatsuki exposed them by saying, ‘A staged couple,’ and ‘In reality, Alex is making a lot of money.’ On the show, it was revealed that Alex’s estimated annual income is between 30 to 40 million yen. However, since Kawasaki, who is Alex’s wife and also the president of their management office, manages his income, it seems that even Alex himself is not aware of his earnings.” (Previously mentioned entertainment writer)

Netizens who learned that he is not just a dependent husband but an involved and caring father boasting top-class earnings commented, 

“I always thought Alex would definitely get a divorce, but somehow, he seems to be doing well as a husband and dad.”

“I thought he wouldn’t do any housework or childcare, but not only does he handle them well, he’s also making a ton of money.”

“He’s extremely fond of his children, and watching him makes me feel happy.”

And with that, they are wholeheartedly in support mode. Kawasaki has successfully passed the challenging real estate trading specialist qualification exam, and her dream of opening a real estate agency is now even busier. It will be interesting to continue watching Alex’s role as a supportive and loving husband to Kawasaki, who is talented and beautiful.

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