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Comedian Kamaitachi Yamauchi’s Unmatched Motor Skills

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Kamaitachi Yamauchi, whose futsal video got a big buzz on “X”. The Kamaitachi posted a video of themselves explaining the game on YouTube’s “Kamaitachi Channel,” which has also received more than 1.54 million views.

In 2017, the comedy duo “Kamaitachi” reached the pinnacle in the “King of Conte.” Known for both orthodox stand-up comedy and sketches, the eccentric character of Kenji Yamauchi (43) becomes more addictive the more you watch.

Yamauchi was actually the captain of the baseball club in junior high school and the kendo club in high school. Recently, Yamauchi’s athletic prowess has surprisingly become a topic of conversation.


For example, in “Kayō wa Zenryoku! Hanadai-san to Chidori-kun”, on November 14 last year, they played against a powerhouse high school girls’ futsal team. Despite having no experience in futsal, Yamauchi demonstrated impressive plays.

According to what Yamauchi posted on Instagram, Kubo Takefusa, a member of the Japanese national soccer team, told her that she was “five times better than I imagined. Incidentally, Yamauchi often claims that he is athletic.

In the new program “Johnson,” which started last October, 59 comedians held an athletic meet under the title Comedians’ Athletic Meet 2023. During a 100-meter running duel between Yamauchi and Tom Brown’s Michio, Yamauchi ran fast without Michio, who twisted his leg and fell down, and his friends cheered, saying he was fast.

Viewers were also surprised by the unexpected sight, with comments like “Yamauchi-san’s form is beautiful” and “It’s hard to imagine from his usual appearance.”

A television station insider who witnessed their futsal play commented, “They talked about it as a basic miracle on their YouTube channel, but they unconsciously perform turns and traps, so they must have the physical ability to instantly reproduce movements imagined in their minds. While they may not be aware that it’s an advanced play, it’s definitely not the movement of an amateur.”

In addition to exercise, Yamauchi has also challenged a diet for improving his diet in the past and succeeded in losing 10 kg in just two months, attracting a lot of attention.

Furthermore, in the women’s weekly magazine “anan” released on June 22, 2022, Yamauchi, along with his partner Ryuichi Hamaya, showcased their well-trained bodies. Their muscles were not just for show; they revealed a “standing roll” posture using an abdominal roller on YouTube, without kneeling.

“Yamauchi-san is often thought to be disconnected from physically demanding work due to his appearance and comedic style. However, when he actually moves, his outstanding motor skills and well-toned body surprise the viewers with this gap.

While he plays an eccentric and quirky role in his comedy sketches, his core personality is very earnest, leaving a positive impression on the program staff. In the future, this may lead to an increase in sports-related opportunities.” (Previously mentioned television station insider)

In the past, the athletic comedian has generated laughter, but now a new type of laughter is emerging: the athletic comedian with great athleticism. We look forward to seeing how Yamauchi, who is expanding new possibilities beyond the boundaries of comedy, will perform in the future.

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