Strength of game, physical strength, and high acting ability… Suzuki Mogura, the representative of scum comedians, is actually the strongest spec gambler. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Strength of game, physical strength, and high acting ability… Suzuki Mogura, the representative of scum comedians, is actually the strongest spec gambler.

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Suzuki Mogura, known as a bum comedian, borrowed more money from the two Onigoe members, who were already in debt, and bet the money on a big miss when he participated in a prediction project for the Arima Kinen on December 22 on the official YouTube channel of the comedy duo “Onigoe Tomahawk.

KUKI KAIDAN,” which won the championship at the King of Conte in ’21. Suzuki Mogura is also known as a representative of scum comedians, but he is quite hardcore.

The image of a bum comedian is that he likes to gamble and has debts, and of course Mogura was also riddled with debts. Moreover, he also has a dirty image: fat and toothless.

An entertainment writer says, “In the entertainment industry, where compliance is a top priority, Mogyura’s scraggly character, which in a sense gives a sense of a Showa-era comedian, gives a sense of security to those around him,” but Mogyura is not just a scum. It is no exaggeration to say that Mogura is not just a bum, but rather a gambler with the strongest specifications.

First of all, when it comes to gambling, Mogura is so good that he used the money he earned from pachinko to attend college. The tuition at Osaka University of Arts, which Mogura attended, is a bit higher than that of a regular private university, and to think that he supplemented his tuition by playing pachinko makes him a pachinko pro.

Incidentally, Mogura dropped out of college because he could no longer afford the tuition, and the reason was that he could no longer earn money due to legal restrictions on pachinko.

His mahjong skills are also quite good. A professional mahjong player who was commentating on a mahjong program was so impressed by Mogura’s mahjong play that he said, “Wow! He was so impressed by Mogyura’s mahjong skills that he said, “Wow!

Mogyura is also very particular about his hobbies. He is especially good at Shogi (Japanese chess), and he actually does Shogi-related work. Ryota Sakai, the “Onigoe Tomahawk,” says that he may be the strongest comedian in the world.

Despite his outstanding intelligence when it comes to competition, Mole actually has good athletic skills despite his appearance. In junior high school, he was selected to represent his region in the table tennis club and once played against Olympic medalist Ai Fukuhara.

The multi-talented MOGURA is also an unparalleled fan of Takeshi KITANO’s movies. When MOGURA said he wanted to make a pilgrimage to the sacred places of “Sonatine,” one of Takeshi Kitano’s masterpieces, Takeshi Kitano unintentionally acknowledged that he was a true fan of the film.

Moxula also has numerous episodes of sloppiness. One of the most astonishing episodes is that he once contracted a disease that only rats can catch. The cause of the illness was due to his own inactivity, but it is interesting to note that he recovered in one day from an illness that would normally require a week in the hospital, so it is not clear whether his body is strong or weak.

His ex-wife said that she was “attracted by the strength of his genes” after hearing this episode, which led to their marriage and the birth of the child.

Recently, Mogura’s acting ability has been highly acclaimed, and his appearances in TV dramas have been increasing. The entertainment writer mentioned above also commented, “I am drawn in by Mogura’s realistic acting, whether in comedy or drama. I think he will be getting more and more acting jobs in the future.

Mogyura’s strength of character, his physical strength that does not let illness get the better of him, and his acting ability that draws the audience in are all qualities that make him a force to be reckoned with. It seems that Mogura has the strongest specifications as a gambler.

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