Uguisuji, who was yelled at, was unable to return to work… Indicted former Deputy Minister of Justice Kakizawa “alleged to be a regular power harasser”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Uguisuji, who was yelled at, was unable to return to work… Indicted former Deputy Minister of Justice Kakizawa “alleged to be a regular power harasser”.

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On January 18, Mito Kakizawa (second from right), a member of the House of Representatives, leaves the Tokyo Detention Center after paying 6 million yen bail.

On January 18, Kakizawa was released on bail after paying 6 million yen. However, the allegations do not stop there. In fact, there are suspicions that he has been regularly harassing the “Uguisujo,” a woman who is supposed to be his “comrade-in-arms. The “Uguisujo” was repeatedly subjected to high pressure in the “closed room” of the campaign car, and some of them even burst into tears and were left shaken and in a state of despair. Ms. A, who witnessed such appalling behavior, revealed, “When I look at the pictures on the posters and so on, I see things that are not there.

The poster photo shows a soft-spoken person, but I think that is the attitude he showed to those who were in a higher position than him. However, to those who were lower in rank than Senator Kakizawa, he was very overbearing in an inconspicuous way. When I saw the news that he was arrested, I couldn’t help but “pop my guts out.

Ms. A was one of the “Uguisujo” who experienced the power harassment firsthand when Senator Kakizawa came to Sendai to make a speech in support of a certain senator during his Minna-no Toto period (2009 to August 2001).

She was one of the “Uguisu-joshi” who experienced the power harassment firsthand when she came to Sendai to give a speech in support of a certain assemblyman in August of that year. Then, to a woman in the front row who was shouting, he said, ‘What’s with the shouting? and suddenly said, “What’s that argument? And he said, ‘We’re risking our lives to do this job! We’re running out of time. I have never been yelled at with such force. That’s why I still remember it clearly.

What surprised me the most was that buzzard lady who was doing the voice-over. The woman was sitting next to the driver of the campaign car and was doing the vocalization, but she was inexperienced in the job of a bullhorn girl, and she was so frightened by Councilor Kakizawa’s superior attitude that she lost her voice and burst into tears. At the time, Councilor Kakizawa was sitting right behind the woman.

He said, “We are doing our job with professionalism. But the way Mr. Kakizawa spoke to me was clearly unusual. The atmosphere in the campaign car was terrible, with Mr. Kakizawa clicking his tongue and looking annoyed the whole time while the lady was in tears. Dr. Kakizawa rode in the campaign car for less than three hours, but it was a frustrating moment that I will never forget” (Mr. A).

Unable to contain his frustration, Councilor Kakizawa ordered the nearest convenience store to “Stop the car! and instructed the nearest convenience store to stop the campaign car. The intimidated Uguisujo remained nodding her head. When Ms. A, a passenger in the car, asked Senator Kakizawa, “Could you please soften your tone a little?” He said, “We don’t have time to teach you how to make the lady’s voice sound like a buzzard. If you’re going to go that far, you should take the microphone and do it yourself! He even ordered the replacement of the Uguisuyo.

I later heard that Senator Kakizawa’s power harassment was not limited to our campaign car.

Uguisas at election time are recruited by each legislator’s campaign office through self-recommendation or recommendation by others.

The daily wages of the uguisseis gathered by the political party to which the politician’s teacher belongs are uncertain. In my case, I went there after receiving an offer from a teacher who ran for office and whom Senator Kakizawa supported, so my contract was 15,000 yen per day” (Mr. A).

Mr. Kakizawa, who was well aware of the financial situation of these women, said, “How much do you think we are paying them? Can you please stop reading the script from a stick? The power harassment at that time knew no bounds.

We are hired help, so I can’t speak highly of him, but I was really annoyed by Senator Kakizawa’s power harassment,” said Mr. A.

The woman who was verbally harassed by Councilor Kakizawa kept apologizing to the campaign staff, saying, “I’m really sorry for the trouble I caused you,” and after this incident, she never became a member of the council again.

When we requested an interview with Senator Kakizawa’s office to confirm the facts, they responded, “The person in charge will contact you,” but did not respond by the deadline.

Mr. A, who knows the true nature of Senator Kakizawa, is still angry that Senator Kakizawa, who at first completely denied that he had conspired with his four secretaries to commit election violations, has now turned around and admitted the charges, saying, “It is undeniable that the intent to bribe was included in the conspiracy. Mr. A, who knows the true nature of Councilor Kakizawa, is not satisfied with his anger, saying, “I don’t think he is 100% sorry for what he has done.

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