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Comedians Fear Chain of Accusations of Sexual Scandals in the Past in the Wake of Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sexual Assault Report

There is a possibility of a chain of accusations from former female fans who had "sexual relations only." ......

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Beautiful women gathered at a karaoke bar for Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Miyasako during their visit to Fukuoka in ’11 (February 18, ’11 issue)

Reports of alleged sexual assault by Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (60) continue unabated, with a sixth and seventh accused woman appearing in the January 18 issue of Shukan Bunshun. This has caused a stir in the world of comedians.

In the comedy world, there has long been a belief that “playing with women is good for one’s craft,” and some comedians have had sexual relationships with women in addition to their main girlfriends. Comedians are not aware of when or what they might be sued for by their past partners.

Comedians are very popular. If a comedian is even slightly good-looking, he will have several devoted fans who will follow him from the time when he is just starting out and performing mainly in theaters. Some of them would have sexual relationships with some of these female fans, but never develop them into love affairs. The term “kakitare” is a cloaked term used by comedians to refer to women with whom they have sexual relations.

The term “kakitare” is said to be a cloak made up of the words “kaku,” meaning sexual intercourse, and “tare,” meaning a woman, and is said to have become a “backroom term” that has become common in the entertainment industry, especially among male comedians. It is similar to the so-called “sex friend,” but it is said that there are many cases in which a performer takes advantage of a woman’s admiration for him and engages in sexual relations with her only for the sake of sex. A woman in her 30s who works at a restaurant and has had sexual relations with several Yoshimoto Kogyo comedians in the past reveals that she has had sexual relations with several former “kakitare” women.

I once had sexual relations with two mid-level comedians who often appear on TV today. Both of them would repeatedly go to my theater performances and “wait for me” so that they would remember my face, and then they would invite me out for drinks and we would go to a hotel that day. Sometimes he would text me, “Are you free today? Sometimes he would call me up and ask if I was free today, and we would have sexual intercourse.

Many other comedians had kakitare as well. In my case, both of them got married after that, and I lost contact with them as if I had been cut off. I think there may be a lot of kakitare who really fell in love with a comedian who, like me, developed feelings of resentment toward the comedian after he or she cut him or her off.

Yoshimoto Kogyo, the company to which Matsumoto belongs after the alleged sexual assault was first reported, denied the allegation on December 27 and announced that it was considering legal action. On December 8, Matsumoto also announced that he would refrain from activities, saying that he would focus on the court case related to this matter. Kazutaka Ozawa (50) of the comedy duo Speedwagon, who was reported to have attended to Matsumoto, also announced on December 13 that he was suspending his activities, although his office had initially strongly denied the allegations and said he would continue his activities. A follow-up report in Shukan Bunshun (Weekly Bunshun) named other junior comedians as well, and the impact of the incident has spread to other comedians.

In response to this situation, there is a growing mood of trepidation in the comedy world, as comedians fear that they may be “accused” of some “sexual scandal” in their past that they had forgotten about.

Before there was less awareness of compliance, there were a number of popular comedians who used the word ‘kakitare’ in their TV and radio programs without hesitation. It seems that the more popular and playful a comedian is, the more likely he or she is to treat a woman carelessly or break off a relationship as if to abandon her, and in some cases, unknowingly harbor feelings of resentment.

There are many cases in which the comedians do not remember the details of their partners’ identities, and the recent Bunshun report on Matsumoto Hitoshi has prompted many comedians to whisper to each other nervously, “I never know when I will be accused by a weekly magazine of being a kakitare in the past.

Many comedians have publicly declared their involvement in the sex industry, but in the past, a popular comedian was once in trouble when he was later sued by a woman who worked at one of these establishments.

More than 10 years ago, there was an uproar in which a prostitute filed a criminal complaint alleging that she had been sexually assaulted by a popular comedian, and the complaint was posted on the Internet.

The comedian, in turn, sued the woman for defamation, and the woman was arrested for defamation. In this respect, many comedians are “in the dark” about their relationships with women. In this respect, the story may be familiar to many comedians.

It seems that comedians with multiple scars on their shins will continue to face their “past” for some time to come.

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Hiroshi Shimohata of “Patapata Mama” and Hitoshi Matsumoto wandering the night streets of Fukuoka after a party with beautiful women gathered in a private karaoke room (Feb. 18, ’11 issue).
A beautiful cabaret-style girl who left the karaoke bar at the same time as Matsumoto and headed for a hotel (February 18, 2011 issue).
Miyasako left the karaoke bar five hours after Matsumoto left. Shimobata, who once dropped Matsumoto off at his hotel and returned, is also with him. After this, the women in the top photo left the karaoke bar and one of them went to the hotel where Miyasako was staying (Feb. 18, ’11 issue).
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