The fashion is too unique to be talked about… [Exclusive photo] Takashi Hosokawa “Maturely remarried”: “♡♡♡♡ scene photo” seen only in this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The fashion is too unique to be talked about… [Exclusive photo] Takashi Hosokawa “Maturely remarried”: “♡♡♡♡ scene photo” seen only in this magazine.

Six years after his ex-wife's bereavement, the enka star has been in love for five years with a former city councilor.

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In mid-January, Hosokawa leaves the venue after a concert in Nara Prefecture. In front of him is his companion, Mr. K!

A man dressed in a set-up that is intense in both price and design, costing 130,000 yen for the top and bottom, gets into a courtesy car while being watched over by many staff members. He is Takashi Hosokawa, 73, an enka (traditional Japanese ballad) singer, who is leaving the concert venue in Nara Prefecture with a fashion and hairstyle that are both too unique. He was accompanied by a woman who looked like Eimi Wakui.

I asked him, “Did you go to Nara with him? The woman who looks like Wakui is Mr. Hosokawa’s second marriage partner.

Mr. A, a political insider living in Chiba Prefecture, confided in us. He said that rumors had been circulating among local assembly members since around April of last year.

The reason is that the woman he is dating is Ms. K., 51, who served four terms as a city councilor for a municipality in Chiba Prefecture until last October. She is currently the representative director of a company that deals in real estate. In fact, she has a history of managing Mr. Takashi Hosokawa since he was a city councilor. In 2006, Mr. Hosokawa lost his wife, who had been with him since before his debut, to illness. Since then, Mr. K started accompanying him to performances not only in big cities like Tokyo and Nagoya, but also in the provinces. Because of the sudden closeness, there were rumors that he and Mr. Hosokawa were having an ‘unusual relationship'” (Mr. A).

In fact, FRIDAY also witnessed Ms. K accompanying Hosokawa at her concerts many times in 2007. In its December 27, 2007 issue, it scooped the two in a friendly relationship.

For example, on November 21 of the same year, we found them enjoying themselves at a wagyu beef restaurant in Nagoya City, chatting happily as they pulled up to the luxury hotel where they were staying, looking very intimate. We also encountered Hosokawa entering a house in Chiba Prefecture where Mr. K lives in a mansion said to be 2,000 tsubo in size in the same prefecture.

When they left the hotel for the concert venue, Mr. K got into a car driven by Hosokawa’s valet and entered the backstage area. After the concert, they went out for dinner and returned to the hotel together. They were always together wherever they went in Japan,” said a music industry insider.

At the time, when FRIDAY asked Ms. K directly if she was dating Hosokawa, she denied that she was dating, saying, “I am just managing (Hosokawa). Five years have passed since then, and Hosokawa has finally decided to remarry at a mature age.

On January 10, we directly interviewed Hosokawa after her concert in Nara.

–I asked him, “Did you get married to Mr. K?

Thank you for …….

When did you get married? The staff member accompanying him answered, “I can’t answer that question,” but four hours later, Hosokawa announced through his office that he had entered the registry last June.

When we checked the register of the company of which Ms. K is the representative, we found that her surname had been changed from her maiden name to “Hosokawa” as of June 5, Reiwa 2023.

The couple had just reached the final stage of their life together, and now that Ms. K had resigned from the Diet, they would be able to spend more quality time together.

In November ’19, Hosokawa and Ms. K are walking in Nagoya City looking like good friends. They entered a hotel together.
They came out of a Japanese beef restaurant in Nagoya City. Hosokawa has a son with his widowed ex-wife.
Unpublished cut: Takashi Hosokawa “remarried at a ripe old age” to a beautiful woman 22 years younger than him, a handsome scene only FRIDAY could see!
Unpublished photos of Takashi Hosokawa with a beautiful woman 22 years younger than him!
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Takashi Hosokawa remarried to a beautiful woman 22 years younger than him!

From the January 26, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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