Former South Korean national soccer team player Illegally Filmed an Indecent Acts with Former Girlfriend | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former South Korean national soccer team player Illegally Filmed an Indecent Acts with Former Girlfriend

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Huang played in Japan (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

The woman knew she was going to be photographed and did not refuse, so it was not an illegal shooting.

It seems that the man’s claims were not heeded.

On January 15, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department announced that it had filed a case against Hwang Wi-jo, 31, a former South Korean national team soccer player, for violation of the Sexual Violence Punishment Law. Hwang’s allegation is that he filmed an indecent act against a former girlfriend without her consent. The video was made public, and the victim held a press conference and complained that the act was illegal.

FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the Hwang trouble, which caused an uproar not only in the Korean soccer world but also in the country as a whole, in an article distributed on November 30, 2011. We would like to recount the background of the uproar and look back on how it happened.

[Joon] Why is the video still there?

[Claire] “No, don’t film me!” I told you so clearly!

I want you to delete the video.

Why is there still a video of me?

On November 23 of last year, the victim disclosed the audio data, in which she made a graphic complaint.

The former Korean national team soccer player, Hwang, has been embroiled in an obscenity scandal. A former girlfriend claims that she was filmed without her consent when they had sexual relations. Hwang denies all allegations, saying that he did not film her illegally. The incident began about five months ago.

In June of last year, a woman named “A,” who claimed to be Hwang’s “ex-boyfriend,” posted on social networking sites videos of Hwang having sexual relations with multiple women. Huang immediately refuted the claims, saying that the videos were not taken improperly. He filed a complaint against A for defamation and intimidation.

In response to the complaint, the police took A into custody on November 16. It seemed that this would end the commotion. ……

I found out that A was the wife of Huang’s brother and was in charge of management duties. She must have had some kind of grudge against Huang. Meanwhile, on November 18, the police began investigating Huang as a ‘suspect,’ claiming that he filmed the video without the consent of his former girlfriend, Ms. B.” The investigation began, and on November 23, Ms. B’s side held a press conference.
The investigation began, and on November 23, Ms. B’s side held a press conference. The audio data introduced at the beginning of this article was disclosed at the press conference. In the audio, when questioned by Mr. B about his “illegal activities,” a man who appears to be Huang says, “Well, I was trying to …… prevent that,” and his words are slurred.

Huang is a member of an English soccer club. He is a well-known player with extensive overseas experience and has played for Gamba Osaka and other Japanese clubs. The current turmoil must be making his fans restless.

Ms. B again insisted, “It is true that I was in a relationship with Mr. Hwang, but I never consented to the shooting of the sensitive video. He had asked her repeatedly to ‘delete the video data. He also requested that Hwang sue the person who disseminated the video.

Hwang, on the other hand, clearly denies this, saying, “We had a clear agreement and repeatedly filmed and deleted the video. There is no fact that we asked him to file a lawsuit,” he said. In addition, he stated, “(Ms. B) is a public figure who works in the broadcasting industry and is married. He explained that he had made every effort to protect the woman’s privacy, but that he had expressed this as a defensive measure in response to the media reports that had made Hwang’s crimes a fait accompli. We are appealing to the public to make a judgment based on common sense,” said a reporter stationed in Seoul for a national newspaper.

The two sides were in direct conflict over their claims. The police analyzed Huang’s smartphone and tablet, which were confiscated. The police analyzed Hwang’s smartphone and tablet, which were confiscated, and proceeded to interrogate him.

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