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Toshifumi Fujimoto Indicted for Hit-and-Run

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Fujimoto has been living a life of self-restraint. He was a popular comedian, so the impact on his career has been significant.

Toshifumi Fujimoto, 53, of the comedy duo “FUJIWARA,” is currently undergoing a period of self-restraint in his entertainment activities after a hit-and-run accident in October of last year. Although he did not have a regular TV show, he appeared on many TV programs as a semi-regular performer, and TV stations were forced to respond to the situation.

Fujimoto disobeyed a traffic light at an intersection in Shibuya Ward and caused a collision with another passenger car. However, he drove away from the scene without notifying the police. This came to light when the driver of the car he hit reported the accident to the police. Initially, Fujimoto made a statement to the police that he was unaware of the accident, but he basically admitted to the charges.

Akashiya Sanma, who was contacted directly by Fujimoto after the incident, said in a radio program “Young Town Saturday” (MBS Radio) broadcast on October 14 last year, “I was feeling weak,

He said, “My feelings were weak. I am sorry. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you.

Fujimoto also revealed that he had apologized for the voluntary restraint of his activities. Fujimoto also announced his self-restraint. On January 17, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office announced that Fujimoto had been summarily indicted on charges of violating the Road Traffic Law (failure to report an accident).

The day before that, this magazine witnessed Fujimoto’s “certain appearance.

Fujimoto is always on the lookout for his surroundings. He takes great pains to disguise himself with a hat and mask.

At around 7:00 p.m. on the evening of the 16th, the day before the summary indictment was announced, Fujimoto was seen in a convenience store in Tokyo. A customer who was there told us, “He was wearing a hat and a mask.

He was wearing a blinding hat and a mask and was completely protected. He seemed to be constantly on the lookout for his surroundings and was constantly scurrying around. At a convenience store, he was examining the products in the ice cream section. I was impressed by how alert he was.

Perhaps he was also very nervous because it was the day before the announcement by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office. However, what stood out more than his caution was his overly unique clothing. The temperature in the center of Tokyo that day was at a minimum of 0°C (32°F). Fujimoto was wearing a down jacket but half pants. Sheepskin boots on his feet stood out so much that even his perfect protection was blurred by the lack of a sense of the season. Fujimoto went shopping and disappeared into the night.

Fujimoto shopped in shorts despite it being midwinter. Her bony legs peeking out from her pants.

Fujimoto is currently living a life of self-restraint on his own, having already reportedly broken up with a beautiful woman 17 years his junior who resembles Alice Hirose, whom this magazine had reported on last August. Nevertheless, the hit-and-run scandal has come to an end with the summary indictment. The timing of her return to show business is a matter of concern.

He said, “I will have to pay a fine, but it won’t take too long. The legal process itself will be over somewhat soon. However, casting has already begun for this year’s spring reshuffle, and I won’t be able to make it there in time. If that is the case, the basic course of action would be to make a pinpoint appearance before the summer and make a full-fledged comeback in the fall reshuffle at ……” (source from a production company).

Before the accident, Fujimoto had appeared on numerous TV programs and brought laughter to the audience. I hope that she will reflect on her past and return to the stage to bring smiles to people’s faces. ……

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