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A Glimpse into the Harsh Realities of Sugar DaddyRelationships

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A photo that defendant Watanabe had uploaded to a social networking site. She is a charismatic figure for the “daddy’s girl” crowd.

Mai Watanabe, 25, aka “Riri-chan,” is a defendant who has played with many men by fabricating unfortunate personal stories. The total amount of money she defrauded from her victims is said to be as much as 300 million yen. Watanabe, who calls her male victims “Ojis,” has been selling manuals on SNS and other sites while conducting her own scamming. He earned approximately 19.93 million yen.

Watanabe, who calls her victims “Ojis,” has been scamming men and selling manuals on SNS and other sites. In recent years, apps have been released to match girls with their dads, making it a more casual activity. There are many college girls who use daddy dating as a way to pay for their school fees.

(A reporter from a national newspaper) “Using their youth and good looks as weapons, these girls use men one or two years older than themselves as their pawns to extract large sums of money from them. Such an image is attached to papa katsudo girls, but in reality there is a strict hierarchy, according to an attendant in the papa katsudo community.

The hierarchy of papa katsu girls is extreme. The best girls have a good sense of smell for finding a good paying daddy and have the charm to be adored by them, so they have no trouble earning money. On the other hand, girls who don’t make much money attract “fake dads” pretending to be rich and other dads who are just looking to get their money’s worth. There have been cases where girls have paid out of their own pockets to travel from Tokyo to the provinces where their fathers live, only to return home without receiving any money.

Image is for reference only.

The women who are supposed to earn money by getting into a man’s good graces, but instead end up being played by the man. Not only do they fail to earn money, but in some cases, they themselves are ripped off. The attendant continues, “One girl I know said, ‘I’ve never met a girl who didn’t have a daddy’s life.

One girl I know had her credit card taken out by her daddy. The M.O. was, ‘I like you, so I’ll give you an exclusive credit card with no limit,’ and then he would take your credit card and use it for his own personal use. I’ll give you my credit card once it’s completed. You can use it to make as many purchases as you like. This may sound strange, but since girls are naïve, they obey and hand over their credit cards. As a result, the daddy uses the girl’s credit card without her permission, and a large bill comes to the girl. Of course, no credit card is issued exclusively for her.”

Sometimes the girls become victims of scams. However, there are also cases where they end up crying themselves to sleep.

Credit card companies will compensate for cases such as theft. However, in cases like this, since the girl gave her card to her daddy, there is no compensation from the credit card company. The only way is to run to the police and prove fraud, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The girl I talked to earlier ran to the police once, but the money she paid has yet to be returned. In the world of daddy-daddy, it’s eat or be eaten. Running away is a common occurrence, and girls who have just moved to Tokyo from the countryside and have just started doing papa-katsu are often victims of this kind of thing,” says the same person.

If you are not careful, men will take advantage of you in the world of papa katsu. It is not so easy to make it and earn a lot of money.

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