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Kazutaka Ozawa’s Ill-Advised Remarks Spark Public Outrage

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Unnecessary words” have made a bad impression on the public.

Both Hitoshi Matsumoto and Kazutaka Ozawa destroyed themselves with their “words.

Day after day, the wide shows have been agitating “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto vs.

The current information programs are turning into a “pseudo-courtroom” where lawyers and TV personalities are trying to figure out which side has the upper hand without any new information,” said one of the information program desks.

Even the information program desk is a little self-deprecating.

But the numbers (viewer ratings) are so high that we’re doing it for now,” he adds.

He adds, “But the numbers (viewer ratings) jump, so we’re doing it for now.

In other words, the people involved “screwed up.

Both Matsumoto and Kazutaka Ozawa of the comedy duo Speed Wagon, who set up the drinking session with the woman, made the wrong initial move. Atsushi Tamura of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” also commented on Matsumoto’s use of SNS.

“I think he made a little mistake,” Tamura Jun of “London Boots No. 1, No. 2” pointed out coldly.

He pointed out coldly that Matsumoto’s use of SNS was “a bit of a mistake.

Initially, Yoshimoto Kogyo, the company to which Matsumoto belongs, stated

Yoshimoto Kogyo, the company to which Matsumoto belongs, insisted, “There is no such fact.

Matsumoto also stated

I will fight it because it has no basis in fact.

Matsumoto also declared, “There are no facts, so I’ll fight it.

At first, we thought that Yoshimoto and Matsumoto were saying that there was no such thing as a drinking party with a woman in a hotel suite, and that Bunshun had made a blunder. However, as we continued our investigation, we learned that the drinking session itself did take place, indicating that there is a difference of opinion between Yoshimoto and Matsumoto in how they perceive the facts.

If Hiroshi Osaki, who nurtured Downtown, were still at Yoshimoto, he would have been able to press Matsumoto from the beginning to tell the truth without concealment, but he was unable to do so, and the situation became worse.

The strong denial that there were no facts behind the allegations boomeranged.

Ozawa, on the other hand, was not so happy.

At first, his company, HORIPRO.com, declared that he would continue his activities, explaining

“Because Ozawa’s actions are nothing to be ashamed of.

The company’s president, Mr. Matsuzawa, is a man of vast wealth.

I think that comment turned out to be fatal,”

A reporter for a sports newspaper pointed out.

After making a grand statement, he followed it up with the comment, ‘There is absolutely no fact that I set up a drinking party for the purpose of sexual intercourse,’ which was the worst move he could have made. What was the purpose of such a comment, ‘setting up a drinking party for the purpose of sexual intercourse’? It was because I felt guilty.

He should have said, “I have never set up a drinking party,” but he couldn’t say that, so he used the superfluous phrase, “for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Ozawa’s side also destroyed themselves with their words.

Thus, Ozawa’s tough attitude quickly faded, and he was forced to immediately declare a suspension of his activities.

Matsumoto’s suspension was for the sake of the court battle, and it can be taken as a statement that he will not return to work until the court case is over, but with Ozawa’s suspension, I don’t see any opportunity to resume his activities.

Matsumoto can afford to retire at any time, but comedians in Ozawa’s class are not that wealthy. I think he will have a more difficult time than Matsumoto.

Both Matsumoto and Ozawa have announced that they are suspending their activities and have retreated backstage,

Since both Matsumoto and Ozawa have announced their suspension and retreated backstage, it is highly unlikely that they will make any new comments.

Matsumoto and Ozawa, who dug their own graves with their own words, will have to hide for a while on the other side of silence.

  • Interview and text by Watabe Wataru Watabe Wataru

    After working as a desk clerk in the culture department of an evening newspaper, an editorial staff member of a publishing company, and a copywriter, Watabe became a freelance entertainment writer. He covers all aspects of the entertainment industry, including movies, theater, acting, and music. He also works undercover as a ghostwriter for celebrity books.

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