KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru Ties the Knot with Former NTV Announcer Rina Sasazaki | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru Ties the Knot with Former NTV Announcer Rina Sasazaki

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Yuichi Nakamaru (right) of “KAT-TUN” and Rina Sasazaki, former announcer of Nippon Television Network Corporation (left), announce their marriage.

We are pleased to announce that Yuichi Nakamaru has gotten married. From now on, I will work even harder at my craft and strive to be needed by others.

On January 16, Yuichi Nakamaru of “KAT-TUN” announced on his official website that he has married Rina Sasazaki, a former NTV announcer. According to a source, the couple developed a relationship after co-starring in NTV’s information program “Shuichi. The marriage registration was submitted to the ward office in Tokyo by this day.

On New Year’s Day, the front page of sports newspapers carried reports of Minami Tanaka and Kazuya Kamenashi’s passionate love affair,

When the two were reported, writers on the old Jani-supporting team started to get excited among themselves early in the New Year, wondering why everyone was going for the female announcer,” said a writer for an old idol magazine.

One of the old idol magazine writers said.

The oldest was the 1999 love affair report between Masahiro Nakai and TV Asahi announcer Sayaka Shimohira. At the time, Shimodaira was working as an assistant for “Music Station” and Nakai was the leader of “SMAP.

The staff of “M STATION” said, “Shimohira, you did a great job! In the days of social networking, there was no bashing of Shimohira-san, but it seems that the relationship soon dissipated naturally.

Nakai’s “partners” continued to be female announcers. Former Fuji Television announcer Minako Nakano and current Fuji Television announcer Yuka Takeuchi. Takeuchi, in particular, was introduced to Nakai’s father, who said she was a special person in his life.

It is said that they got to know each other in “Laugh It Up! in ’12, but Takeuchi was not as well known as Shimohira and Nakano, so she was a no-show in the media. So the two were able to nurture their love slowly. The fact that a female announcer could last this long was enough to spread rumors in the TV industry that ‘he must be infatuated with an intelligent and beautiful woman in his neighborhood.

(A writer mentioned above.) “Since they co-starred in “Hirunandesu! (NTV), it was Yutaka Yokoyama and Mami Mizuto of “Kanjani Eight” who were reported to have dated at a boxing gym in 2003.

Many of Yokoyama’s fans were surprised at the unexpected pairing. Mizuto is a very popular female announcer, but that doesn’t mean that the janitors would allow it. I am sure those voices reached her as well. It is widely rumored that she has withdrawn herself from Mizuto.

Within NTV, the most controversial case was the love affair and marriage of Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” to Ms. A, a former freelance announcer who was in charge of the entertainment corner of the evening program “news every.

After their relationship was revealed, some people at the former Johnny’s office were furious and vowed to break up the relationship, while Ninomiya’s fans were furious at A’s so-called “scent” of the relationship and engaged in furious bashing. However, the two have now reached the goal and have two children together.

Speaking of “Arashi,” the romance between Sho Sakurai and Ayaka Ogawa, a popular TV Asahi announcer at the time, is still fresh in our minds.

Fans were shocked to see Sakurai acting so withdrawn in front of Ogawa,” said a writer for an idol magazine.

Not to be outdone by his predecessors, there is another boy who was reported to be two-timing with a female announcer from another station. One such person is Satoshi Inoo of “Hey!

At the time, Inoo was a regular on Fuji Television’s “Mezamashi TV” on Thursdays, an MC on NTV’s “Merengue no kanke”, and starred in the movie “Peach Girl. The first one to be reported was former TBS announcer Misato Ugaki.

When she was asked about the news report by her boss at work, “Do I have to tell you the name of the other person?” It was probably because the other party was Ino-kun, a very popular idol. However, he was also rumored to have been with Fuji Television’s Mana Mikami at the same time, raising suspicions of a two-timing relationship. Fans were stunned, saying, “How much do you like female announcers? Fans were also astonished.

Most recently, Daigo Nishihata, the absolute center of “Naniwa Danshi,” and Natsuyasu Adachi, an analyst at Yomiuri Television. Nishihata has publicly stated that he respects Ninomiya, with whom he has often performed together,

He disappointed his fans by saying, “I would never imitate him even to the extent of liking female TV announcers. The fact that Nishihata works for Yomiuri TV, an affiliate of Nippon TV, has made Nishihata’s fans impatient whenever “Naniwa Danshi” served as a charity personality for “24 Hours TV” or whenever they see Adachi on the national network’s “Wake Up” program.

However, in retrospect, many of the Johnny’s celebrities who have entered into relationships with female TV announcers have done so together as MCs.

In this case, the Japanese talent who have been in a relationship with a female TV announcer may be attracted to the intellectual atmosphere of the female MC, even though she is their senior as a TV talent. (A reporter for a sports paper formerly in charge of Johnny’s)

STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, which is said to start full-fledged operations this spring, has shown a tolerant attitude toward reports of love affairs of its talents. Will we continue to see romance and marriages between STARTO’s talent and female announcers in the future? All eyes are on the next couple.

Yuichi Nakamaru (’20, April 17 issue), who has had few rumors of a love affair until now.
Rina Sasazaki when she was a rookie female announcer and her classmate Risa Ozaki (August 7, ’15 issue)
Minami Tanaka and Kazuya Kamenashi are said to be about to get married.
Sayaka Shimodaira (center) when she was in love with Kenichi Yoshida of “The Yoshida Brothers. On the left is Yumi Tokunaga (Jan. 10 and 17, 2003 issue).
Former Fuji TV announcer Minako Nakano in a relationship with Hideaki Ito (March 5, 2004 issue)
Former Nippon TV announcer Asami Mizuto, who was reportedly in love with Yutaka Yokoyama of “Kanjani Eight” (August 7, 2003 issue).
Former TV Asahi announcer Ayaka Ogawa, who was reported to be in love with Sho Sakurai of “Arashi” (March ’19).
Former TBS announcer Ugaki Misato, who was reportedly in love with Inoo Satoshi of “Hey!
Mana Mikami, a Fuji TV announcer who once reportedly had a passionate love affair with Satoshi Inoo of “Hey!
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