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Divergent Perspectives: Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Report Unveils Varied Opinions on Gottsu Family

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Various opinions have emerged from the entertainment industry in response to the Hitoshi Matsumoto sex scandal. ……

While the Hitoshi Matsumoto scandal continues to cause a stir, commentators and junior comedians are leaving comments on TV every day. One of the concerns is the difference in perception between men and women.

The Weekly Bunshun reported that Matsumoto and others held a drinking party with three women at a hotel in Tokyo eight years ago. It is said that the men approached Matsumoto about sexual relations at that party. In the following “second arrow,” it was reported that similar drinking parties were also held in Osaka and Fukuoka.

Matsumoto and Yoshimoto Kogyo completely deny the Bunshun reports, saying that they have no basis in fact. Matsumoto has suspended his entertainment activities and declared a legal battle with Bunshun.

As the facts will become clear, it is interesting to note the comments of celebrities who have touched on this issue. Koji Imada, a member of the “Gottsu Family” who used to co-star with Matsumoto in “Downtown no Gottsu Ekimesso,” said on the “Wide Nasho Year-end Golden Live Broadcast SP” broadcast on March 29

I read the article, and it was as if I was reading a novel. It’s like reading a novel. Is the article based on an interview with a woman?

He commented that he doubted the credibility of the article.

The “Gottsu Family” member, Hong Kong, also commented on her YouTube channel

If this is the case, I think the woman should go to the weekly magazine and take legal action.

Shiraku Tatekawa, a rakugo storyteller, said on his YouTube channel. Rakugo storyteller Shiraku Tachikawa also stated on his X (formerly Twitter) channel

This country is governed by the rule of law. If you are a victim, you should go to the police.

Shiraku Tachikawa, a rakugo storyteller, wrote on his X (old Twitter) page

I will properly follow the judgment of the judiciary. That’s all right.

Both Sashihara and Emiko Uenuma have their own opinions about Matsumoto.

It is a second rape to tell a woman who complains of sexual harm to “go to the police first”. Both Honkkon and Shiraku thought it was a bad idea and later revised their statements, but I think I caught a glimpse of their true feelings.

Imada’s comment, “The article is like reading a novel,” was also quite harsh. He is so skilled at reading the atmosphere that he is in charge of more than 100 entertainers as the MC of TBS’s “All Star Thanksgiving,” but this time he may not have been able to keep a normal mind.

On the other hand, female celebrities gave the impression of judging things objectively. Rino Sashihara, a former member of AKB48, said in the aforementioned “Widener Show SP”.

“The fact that it’s coming out on the Internet that it might be worse for a woman to follow him is a kind of second rape in the first place.

The nuance that this happened eight years ago is not good either. It should be treated the same way even if it happened eight years ago. It would be good if we could always be there for the alleged victims.

He said firmly.

Sarina Suzuki also confronted this issue head-on.

On the 14th broadcast of TBS’s “Sunday Japon,” she spoke out about the problematic drinking sessions.

“It’s so gross.

She also criticized Matsumoto for his “gross and disgusting” attitude toward drinking parties. In response to Matsumoto

I wish he would have been more considerate to his juniors and women. I felt that not only in the entertainment industry, but in any world, if a person in a higher position does not show consideration for those below him, this kind of thing can happen.

I felt that this kind of thing can happen not only in the entertainment world, but in any world.

Downtown and “High Heel” Ringo, who is the same age as Downtown, also mentioned this issue on “Asa Para S” (Yomiuri TV) broadcast on March 13. In response to the opinion that the accused woman should “go to the police,” Ringo said

Men say so, but if I were a victim myself, I wouldn’t be able to go to the police,” she said.

He continued, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. He continued.

I can understand in theory that she should have gone to the police, but I think there are feelings unique to women who say they didn’t go to the police.

He then went on to side with the woman who had made the accusation.

The final straw was Emiko Uenuma, the “empress of the Kansai TV world,” who appeared on the 14th broadcast of “Uenuma Takada no Kugizuke! on “Uenuma Takata no Kugizuke!

I almost threw up. The act of doing so.

She revealed, “That act made me want to throw up. She praised Matsumoto’s talent as a comedian, but said of his private life, “I was no better than a third-rate comedian.

“I’m not even a third-rate comedian,” he said.

He also condemned Matsumoto’s private life, saying that he was “below a third-rate person. Uenuma’s “solo” speech lasted for more than 10 minutes, in which he gave Matsumoto tips on how to be a top-notch entertainer, and ended with the following words

Please don’t ever declare that you’re taking a leave of absence. And I don’t want to see you retire. You are at the core of the comedy world. You are the core of the comedy world, and because of you, you have created a world where everyone is willing to work hard. You are an amazing person. He’s closed for the holidays. It’s such a small thing. Please stand tall.

He appealed to the audience. A former TV insider said

Only Uenuma could say that much to Mr. Matsumoto. Moreover, everything he said was persuasive. I think the words of Mr. Uenuma, whom I respect, resonated with Mr. Matsumoto as well.

He said, “I think Mr. Uenuma’s words resonated with Mr. Matsumoto as well.

This is a far cry from some male entertainers who are unable to cope with the changing times and tend to speak out according to their emotions. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper said

The Matsumoto news coverage is like a litmus paper. We pay close attention to the reports because they reveal the thoughts of the people mentioned and their level of understanding of sexual assault.

I am watching it very closely.

Who will be the next to spill their “true feelings”?

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