Get the girls!” Daikichi Hakata exposed Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “pressure and stinginess” at a live performance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Get the girls!” Daikichi Hakata exposed Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “pressure and stinginess” at a live performance

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Daikichi Hakata revealed the “night face” of Hitoshi Matsumoto (left) on TV. ……

10,000 yen in Tokyo, 5,000 yen in Fukuoka, and 3,000 yen in Osaka. ……

It is reported that “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto, a “billionaire” who has reigned at the top of the comedy world for many years, used junior comedians to pay the women he collected at his hotel.

Kenji Tamura, who admitted to having drinks with Matsumoto at a hotel in Osaka, as reported in Shukan Bunshun, said that the 3,000 yen was cab fare for a woman who missed the last train.

He said, “Over the years, junior staff members were forced to gather women and “offer” them to Mr. Matsumoto. It is possible that there will be a dispute in court about the fact that it was reported that he sexually assaulted a woman who refused to go to the club.

Tamura-san may not be able to admit to that part of the incident, but he did admit to having a drink at the hotel. It is safe to say that Yoshimoto Kogyo’s stance of “no such facts” has fallen apart.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “For Matsumoto, he had to gather women. This pressure must have been tremendous for the junior members.

At a public recording event “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Slippery Tales Premium Live in Fukuoka” held in Fukuoka in February ’15, Daikichi from the comedy duo “Hakata Hanamaru Daikichi” told a story about Matsumoto’s first visit to Fukuoka.

Matsumoto was coming to Fukuoka with Koji Imada and five others, and Daikichi said, “You know what to do.

Daikichi, who was familiar with Fukuoka, had already set up a restaurant and drinking party for the other senior members when they arrived, and he thought that Matsumoto, who was famous, “would be able to get together with ease. However, as he approached them, he found that the bad reputation of Matsumoto’s group throughout Japan had spread among the women in Fukuoka, and that they had no idea what to expect when they went to the drinking party.

I was afraid of what they would do to me if I went to a drinking party,” she said.

“The violence they would inflict on us later would outweigh the laughter.”

The women were told that if they went to the drinking party, they would not know what would happen to them, and that the violence they would receive afterwards would outweigh the laughter.

Daikichi, troubled, made many phone calls to Fukuoka Yoshimoto comedians asking for their cooperation, but they all said “No, thank you” and revealed that two days before Matsumoto’s arrival, only one woman had shown up. When Matsumoto heard this story for the first time, he could not hide his surprise.

He said, “I don’t know when I will be able to see Matsumoto-san again, so I still want to go.

Since there were 50 women for 5 comedians, they decided to have the party in two parts, but Daikichi says that Matsumoto communicated with the women with a smile that he has never shown on TV. The party was held at a kappo restaurant, and when it came time to pay the bill, Daikichi said, “336,000 yen.

336,000 yen.”

When Oyoshi showed Matsumoto the bill, his smile instantly faded and he turned pale.

He then said in a hoarse voice, “Go get Imada at …….”

The audience laughed at his joke. The audience burst into laughter.

Matsumoto looked back and said, “Dassa! Matsumoto looked back and said self-deprecatingly, “Dassa!

I think I broke the account with Imada after that,” he confessed.

He confessed, “I think I split the bill with Imada after that. It was an episode that not only showed Matsumoto’s relationships with women, but also his “stinginess.

He was reported as being stingy and having his juniors gather women for him, but we know from past broadcasts that this was true. Vertical society among comedians may exist, and there is no problem if it is just a drinking party.

In short, the key to his return will be whether or not he had an affair after his marriage and whether or not he committed sexual assault. If those facts are not clarified, sponsors will not give them commercials and they will not be able to return to work. He will have no choice but to become a YouTube star like Hiroyuki Miyasako (……).

(A TV station official) “There is pressure to attract women, and junior comedians who produce results are adored and co-starred on TV. Then, comedians who fail to live up to expectations are …….

It seems that the entertainment industry had an unusual unwritten rule.

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