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TOBE Fans Disregard Trespassing Rules, Cause Chaos at Haneda Airport

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From left: Kishi, Hirano, and Jinguji of Number_i

For ardent fans, “guesses” are the ones they can’t help but love. However, there are many cases in which their “love” becomes unstoppable and they do something wrong, breaking the law or even causing social problems. In October last year, a Western-style restaurant that Snow Man visited for a YouTube video location was identified and the phone line was cut off, causing problems. This magazine also witnessed one such incident last November.

At 6 p.m. that day, the arrival lobby of Haneda Airport was filled with a tense atmosphere as if welcoming a foreign dignitary. About 10 security staff members with earphones in their ears were having a meeting. Although the words exchanged were brief, the serious expressions on their faces indicated that they were planning how to respond to an unexpected situation.

The reason they are so tense is because Hideaki Takizawa (41) and Ken Miyake (44) of TOBE, and Shiyou Hirano (26), Yuta Jinguji (26), and Yuta Kishi (28) of Number_i, who left Kimpuri, were boarding a Honolulu flight arriving two hours later that day.

Established by Hideaki Takizawa in the spring of ’23, “TOBE Inc.” is a new movement in the entertainment industry. Miyake, formerly of Johnny’s, Hirano, Jinguji, and Kishi of “King & Prince,” Hirano and others began their activities as “Number_i.” Miyake, formerly of “V6,” and Hiromitsu Kitayama, 38, formerly of “Kis-My-Ft2,” are members of the former Johnny’s office. In November, TOBE launched “Tobeban,” a YouTube live broadcast program, which attracted more than 300,000 simultaneous viewers during its broadcast. The number of archived views hit over 3.2 million, and the show has moved to number one in the world in X (formerly Twitter) trends.

When the TOBE members departed from Haneda a week ago, word had already spread among fans that they would be boarding a flight to Honolulu. As a result, the departure lobby was packed with about 30 enthusiastic fans, creating a bit of a commotion. It is believed that the reason it did not turn into a big mess was because the members used a special entrance that was different from the normal route. This one incident seemed to have resulted in even more tension this time around.

The story returns to the opening scene. On this day, female fans were scattered throughout the lobby, numbering close to 50. There was a mixture of anticipation as the fans waited for their idols to return and tension as the staff tried to control the situation. The girls were whispering in each other’s ears and occasionally checking their phones, planning how to capture their “guess” moment.

Near 7 p.m., the atmosphere at the airport changed even more. A 2-meter-high white partition was set up for a distance of about 30 meters from the entrance to the exit. In fact, the airport had taken similar measures in the past when Hallyu stars visited Japan.

About a year ago, when the Korean idol group ENHYPEN came to Japan, the airport lobby was in chaos. Fans came in droves, occupying the sofas and queuing here and there. Some people used electrical outlets to iron their hair without permission, while others threw garbage on the spot. The staff repeatedly warned them, but they would not listen to them.

The staff had no choice but to set up partitions. If they climb over the partitions, we will make an incident and report it to the police. Breathe the same air, be satisfied, and leave today!’ he made the unusual call. Even so, the situation remained out of control as fans continued to take pictures with selfie sticks. Fans running amok at airports is now an everyday occurrence. The airports are also strengthening their countermeasures. ……” (Weekly reporter)

At 8:00 p.m., the arrival of the Honolulu flight was announced. The fans scattered in the lobby then approached the partitions at once, as if obeying the order. A skirmish broke out between the security guards and the fans.

One fan tried to jump on the partition and knock it down, and another woman extended a selfie stick and tried to take pictures with her phone from above the partition. Security guards immediately ran up to them and said, ‘Please stop! Please stand back! ‘ and shouted angrily. Some fans even ignored them and tried to get inside the partition. If the timing was not right, the partition might have collapsed and hit TOBE members.

Behind the partitions, security guards were desperately trying to maintain order, but the excitement and enthusiasm of the girls showed no sign of abating.

In the midst of the chaos, the TOBE members seemed to have slipped through the partitions and disappeared into the entrance of the officials. Sensing their presence, fans ran out of the first floor to catch a glimpse of them, as if someone had given them a signal to start. They also ignored the no-entry signs and rushed outside into the parking lot reserved for the event’s officials. It was as if it had been arranged in advance.

A few minutes later, the fans returned, phones in hand, looking satisfied. Were there photos of their beloved “guesses” on the screens of their phones? Even for a professional photographer, it would be extremely difficult to take a picture of a person getting into a car with many people guarding the car. ……

Naturally, there were ordinary passengers in the space where the commotion was unfolding, and they were watching the series of events with amazement. I wonder what their “supporters” think when they see the love of some fans becoming a nuisance to others….

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A 2-meter “wall” suddenly appeared. The “guesser” is not visible at all…
A fan tried to take a picture through a gap in the partition. The staff tried to stop them, but they struggled with each other.
The same confusion occurred when the popular K-pop group “ENHYPEN” came to Japan in November 2010.
Hirano also became the Asian ambassador of “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté” on January 9 (August ’22).
On location for “G-Men” released in the fall of ’23 (February ’22)
On location for the drama “Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira’s Inference” (Fuji TV). She was on a hard schedule of filming in the rain (May ’21).
  • PHOTO Shu Nishihara (1st and 2nd), Ichiro Takatsuka (3rd), Kazuhiko Nakamura (Hirano), Yusuke Kondo (Kishi), Ippei Hara (Jinguji)

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