Korean Dog Breeders Association Fiercely Refutes “2 Million Dogs to be Released”…Beautiful First Lady Controversially Says “Become a Foster Parent” in Law Banning Dogs for Food | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean Dog Breeders Association Fiercely Refutes “2 Million Dogs to be Released”…Beautiful First Lady Controversially Says “Become a Foster Parent” in Law Banning Dogs for Food

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In June ’23, Mrs. Kim (second from left) visited France and met with President and Mrs. Macron.

A landmark law is about to be enacted in South Korea.

On January 9, the National Assembly passed a bill prohibiting the raising and breeding of dogs for food and the sale of their meat. The law will become law if President Yun Suk-yeol signs it into law. Violators will face two to three years in prison or a fine of about 30 million won (about 3 million yen). However, there is no penalty for eating dog meat.

In South Korea, it has become common for people to treat dogs as pets, like family members, and there has been an increase in the number of people opposed to dog meat eating. Animal protection groups praised the bill, saying, ‘It is a wonderful bill. Even at Moran Market in the suburbs of Seoul, which serves many dog meat dishes, the number of dog-related meals on the menu has recently been on the decline.

On the other hand, dog-breeding associations and other groups vehemently objected, saying, ‘We are going to release two million dogs to the government. Dog meat eating is part of Korea’s traditional culture. Many dog lovers lament, ‘Dog meat is good for nourishment, but it is also good for health.

The controversial ban on dog meat has been strongly influenced by the words and actions of the beautiful First Lady Kim Keon-hee. In an article distributed on July 4, 2011, “FRIDAY Digital” introduced Kim’s controversial words and actions. The following is a recap of the background of the furor (some corrections have been made).


First Lady Kim is in the news again.

The key was a key chain. She and her husband, President Yun, attended the General Assembly of the International Secretariat of the Exposition, which was held in Paris, France, from June 20, 2011. The key chain attached to the bag she was carrying when she departed from Seoul airport reads.


Busan is ready. In other words, he was calling for Busan to be the host city for the World Expo to be held in 1930. President Yun and Mrs. Kim also met with French President Macron and his wife. The long black skirt worn by Mrs. Kim at that time was also highly praised on the Internet for its bold design.

Mrs. Kim’s daily life is busy. On June 22, she and President Yun visited Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to participate in a friendship event wearing a green ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese dress. Mrs. Phan Thi Thanh Tam, the wife of Bo Van Thuong’s Chief of State, complimented him, saying, “The green color suits you very well.

The green color suits you well. I am very grateful that you are the first Korean First Lady to wear ao dai.

Kim is also in the middle of a controversial domestic issue. The trigger was a proposed ordinance submitted to the Seoul City Council on May 31 that would impose a fine of 5 million won (approximately 500,000 yen) on restaurants and vendors that serve dog meat.

Kim is such an animal lover that she has appeared on variety shows holding her own dog and asking people to become foster parents for her pets. Even before she became first lady, she had been volunteering to rescue abandoned dogs and help animals that had been mistreated. The “No Dog Meat Eating” movement is growing because of Mrs. Kim’s influence. The ordinance submitted to the Seoul City Council may be part of this trend.

On the other hand, there is also a movement against the “dog meat ban. Some people say that “dog meat eating” is a part of Korean culture. On June 8, dozens of vendors belonging to the Korean Meat Dog Association staged a protest in front of the presidential palace.

(A reporter for a Korean newspaper) “South Korea’s first ladies are in the spotlight for their comments on TV programs. Her influence is growing by the day.

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