The tide turned at the beginning of the new year.” A number of dramas starring former Johnny’s celebrities have been confirmed, and there are fears of a “resurgence of the honeymoon relationship. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The tide turned at the beginning of the new year.” A number of dramas starring former Johnny’s celebrities have been confirmed, and there are fears of a “resurgence of the honeymoon relationship.

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Last November, SixTONES Jesse (left), Takaji (center) and Morimoto were spotted coming out of NHK. The live broadcast we did at the end of the year was a great success.

The issue of sexual assault by the former Johnny’s (now SMILE-UP.) office still casts a large shadow over the entertainment industry. Compensation is still being paid to the victims, but the number of damage reports coming in to the office is only increasing, and there is no end in sight to the process.

On the other hand, TV stations that had close relationships with the victims were also forced to deal with the situation. Some programs were not able to change their casting in time. For example, the talent from the former Johnny’s office, which had been in existence for 44 years, no longer appeared in the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (Red and White Singing Contest), and their presence was diminished on television. However, the situation is said to be changing after the year-end and New Year holidays.

NHK took a hard-line approach, and in the subsequent programming revamps, there was a series of moves to forgo the casting of Johnny’s talent. The most talked-about was the postponement of the filming of “Kyobo” (Fuji TV), a drama series starring Takuya Kimura that was scheduled to air this year. Ostensibly this was due to production problems with the show, but since filming has not resumed, it is said to have been affected by problems at his office.

Initially, it was even said that the Johnny’s talent would disappear from TV during this year’s spring reshuffle, but the tide is turning. One of the reasons for this is the ratings for the year-end and New Year’s special programs. The Kohaku Uta Gassen, which had “no appearances by Johnny’s,” saw viewer ratings fall below 30% for the first time since the current two-part format was introduced. Furthermore, Fuji Television, which has broadcast a countdown concert every year, ended the year with the popular variety show “Getaway,” but the average household rating was only 3.4%. Although there is no direct link between the absence of Johnny’s and the decline in viewer ratings, the results are grim.

On the other hand, the seven popular groups from the former Johnny’s office delivered their energy to their fans through their own YouTube channels and official SNSs, etc. Snow Man delivered a free live performance on their official YouTube channel. In addition to their surprise Instagram live broadcast, SixTONES also held a live New Year’s Eve broadcast on YouTube, which had been viewed 1.93 million times including archives as of January 10. also streamed the event for free on YouTube, and the number of views exceeded 1.29 million.

Although it is obvious, one cannot compare TV specials and YouTube content in general. Even so, industry insiders saw a strong difference between the two. In the midst of this situation, a new trend has emerged. A source at a production company revealed.

A source at a production company revealed, “TV Asahi has decided to air a drama starring Kim Tak in April. As reported in some weekly magazines, he will play the role of an escaped convict who has been falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. However, this drama was reportedly stopped planning in October last year. Originally, the role of Kimura was “a newscaster who pursues the truth without any discovery,” but the drama has been relaunched after a review of its content. TV Asahi rewrote the script itself, not the cast, so it can be said that they were that particular about the use of Kimura.

In addition, other talents from the former Johnny’s office have been announced for the spring season.

TV Asahi has announced that “Destiny,” starring Kazuya Kamenashi, will be broadcast. In addition, Fuji Television is also moving forward with a drama starring SixTONES and Daiga Kyomoto in the Tuesday late-night slot. The rumor that Johnny’s would disappear in April, which circulated last year, seems to have gone nowhere.

It seems as if the idea that “we can’t get numbers without relying on Johnny’s” is taking root again in the industry. In fact, looking at the various figures for the year-end and New Year’s holidays, Johnny’s appearances stand out. The talent themselves are blameless, but on the other hand, there is a concern that the honeymoon relationship between the industry and the agencies will return again.

The only thing that must be avoided is a return to the “bad relationship” that has become increasingly dependent on the industry. ……

Kota Yabu of Hey! Say! JUMP was discovered in Tokyo last May. At the end of the year, they performed live at Tokyo Dome. It was well received.
At the end of March last year, we spotted Sexy Zone’s Katsutoshi Sato in full protective gear. Although he did not perform a New Year’s Eve live broadcast, he posted a group photo of himself and former member Marius Yuha on the group’s official social networking service (SNS) on New Year’s Day.
The members of SixTONES emerged from NHK with smiles on their faces. Their expressions show a sense of fulfillment.
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