Kim Taku makes his YouTuber debut, but the number of subscribers is not increasing. …… Will the “forbidden move” for a reversal take effect? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kim Taku makes his YouTuber debut, but the number of subscribers is not increasing. …… Will the “forbidden move” for a reversal take effect?

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Even though he is a national star, ……

Takuya Kimura (51) launched his official YouTube channel “Takuya Kimura” on January 1.

Since its launch, he has uploaded a total of four videos (two videos and two short videos), and the number of subscribers has reached 214,000 (as of January 9). This is a rather low number for Kimura, a “national star” who has starred in numerous dramas and achieved high viewer ratings, not to mention a regular TV personality.

On the Fuji TV program “Santaku” broadcast on January 1, Kimura and Akashiya Sanma (68) stormed the YouTube set of the popular group “Snow Man,” who are junior members of his office. They appeared in the video and announced the opening of their own channel.

Snow Man” held a free live stream on YouTube on New Year’s Eve last year and broke a Japanese record with a maximum of 1.33 million simultaneous connections. The number of channel subscribers further increased to 3.1 million. The publicity of their YouTube appearance and its on-air appearance on “San Taku” seemed to have an immense effect, but the results were disappointing. In the first place, it is hard to believe that fans of Snow Man would be interested in Kimutaku’s YouTube page.

The first video uploaded was titled “[Kimura-sa~! The second video uploaded on March 6 was titled “[Kimura sa~~n! Hot men’ rushed to see us after hearing about the resumption of the program! was the title of the second video. However, the number of views for this video was 480,000, almost half the number of the first video.

The video featured actor Shinji Takeda (51), ISSA (45) of DA PUMP, and RED RICE (48), leader of Shonan Nofu, all of whom enjoy motorcycles, rushing to the scene to form a motorcycle team with Kimura. However, it is not surprising that the number of viewers decreased.

The “Bike Team” was the project for the final episode and the previous episode of Kimura’s first online TV show, “Kimura-sa~! (GYAO!), which was aired on the video distribution service GYAO! (Gyao), but for the rest of us, it was just a story about what was going on.

Mr. Kimura’s YouTube page was originally created as a replacement for the show, but as it is, it is just an “inside joke” and will not broaden the audience base. The production team may not have been aware of this point. However, it is possible that former “TOKIO” member Tomoya Nagase (45), who is known as RED RICE’s motorcycle friend, will join the team, and if Nagase appears, it is likely to attract attention. ……

Another option would be to “capitalize” on the popularity of “Snow Man” and other junior talents from their agencies by having them appear on the show, as was done with “san-taku,” but above all, there is one possible trump card for a sure-fire reversal that will surely generate buzz: the “forbidden” move. However, the “forbidden move” is said to be a sure-fire trump card to get a buzz.

Whenever the three of them engage in “co-star-like” activities on social networking sites, their words and deeds are picked up by several Internet news outlets and become a topic of conversation. Whenever the three of them engage in “co-star-like” activities on social networking sites, it is picked up by several online news sites and becomes a hot topic. Since there has never been a “family collaboration” of Kimura, there is no doubt that it will create a buzz.

Previously, the office’s policy was not to allow family members to appear together, but it seems that the new agency will be able to clear the hurdle. The question is whether Kimutaku will be able to go that far. The most likely topic of conversation would be his involvement with the former members of SMAP, but it would be much more difficult to achieve than the introduction of his family members.

In his first YouTube video, Kimura says, “I hope you’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this space, where I touch on things I’m curious about and am forced to do things I’m not at all interested in.

I wonder if he is really going to keep it “loose,” or if he is just going to keep it “loose” at …….

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