Soccer Team Coach at a Prestigious School Asked Male Students for Naked Pictures | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Soccer Team Coach at a Prestigious School Asked Male Students for Naked Pictures

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Suspect Yoshida staring at this magazine photographer last December.

The leader of a prestigious soccer club has been arrested again for indecent conduct.

Takuya Yoshida, 29, a teacher at Shutenori Junior and Senior High School (Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) and coach of the school’s men’s soccer team, was arrested again on January 9 by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 on suspicion of quasi-forcible indecency and violation of the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law. Shutenori High School had received numerous calls from students who claimed that they had been indecently assaulted by Yoshida.


“The suspect’s smartphone was found to contain over 100 sexually explicit images of more than 15 underage boys. The re-arrested suspect called up a male student at the school via SNS and touched him. The suspect has told the police that he will remain silent.”

FRIDAY Digital reported in detail on the incident in which Yoshida was first arrested and charged in an article distributed on December 18, 2023. We would like to recount the detailed circumstances and look back on Yoshida’s words and actions (some content has been corrected) –.

Orders to erase correspondence


“Around spring, he started asking me to send him naked pictures. I couldn’t refuse, so I sent them several times.”

The victim, a teenage male student, reportedly told the police.

On December 10, 2023, Yoshida was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Department on suspicion of indecent assault and violation of the Act on Punishment of Activities Related to Sexual Photography. Yoshida is a social studies teacher at Shutoku Junior and Senior High School and is the coach of the school’s boys’ soccer team. Shutoku High School is a prestigious school that has participated in the National High School Soccer Championships nine times and has produced 13 professional players.

“The police said that at around 8 p.m. on December 2 of the same year, Yoshida demanded that his teenage student, A-kun, send him a naked picture of himself. Police seized Yoshida’s tablet and other items. It seems that he had been asking for naked pictures for a long time, and more than a dozen indecent images were found on his phone.”

“Mr. A must have been in a great deal of distress. After consulting with his family, he and his mother filed a damage report with the police on December 8. The damage was discovered. Upon investigation, Yoshida admitted to the crime, saying, ‘There is no doubt that I made him send the images.’”

Although he admits to the crime, it is doubtful whether Yoshida is truly remorseful. He is said to have told the police a disheartening story.

He is also said to have told the police, “I was just going through the motions with a couple of guys.” Before his arrest, he instructed A-kun to erase his social networking site. It is believed that he was trying to destroy evidence.

At the time of his arrest on December 11, Yoshida stared at the photographer of this magazine, but immediately turned his face down. He inflicted an irreparable wound on his student’s heart and lost the trust of the players and school officials. The number of victims could be more than one.

When he saw the press, he fell on his face.. (some photos have been edited)
When he saw the press, he fell on his face (photo partially edited)
He didn’t have a bad reputation as a coach.
Suspect Yoshida claimed to be “flirting with the guys” (photo partially edited)
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