Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose shelf life as a YouTube star has expired, is still a foothold for his return to terrestrial broadcasting. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose shelf life as a YouTube star has expired, is still a foothold for his return to terrestrial broadcasting.

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Hiroyuki Miyasako stands in front of the omelet rice restaurant he produced on its opening day.

On Christmas Eve last year, Hiroyuki Miyasako, a former member of the Ameagari Kesshitai and a YouTube star, supervised the opening of an omelette rice restaurant called “Omusako Rice” on the Spanish Slope in Shibuya, Tokyo.

According to the “Toso Web” that reported on the same day, the restaurant was a success, with a line of customers waiting in line even before opening,

During the interview, Miyasako said, “I’m thinking of opening an overseas branch as well.”

In an interview, Miyasako said, “We are also thinking of opening an overseas branch at some point.”

And mentioning the consideration of expanding overseas. While ‘Omusako Rice’ seems to have had a promising start

However, “Only the Tōspo covered the first day of the opening. The sports papers and the Internet media didn’t cover it either. Gyugujou made the Internet news even before it opened and became the most famous yakiniku restaurant in Japan.

This time, it is only supervision, but Miyasako frequently advertised it on his YouTube, so I was honestly surprised that all the companies did not report it. It means that none of the media are checking his YouTube anymore,” said a source in the entertainment industry.

Some people pointed out that Miyasako’s shelf life as a YouTube star had expired. For several years now, YouTubers have been complaining of sluggish growth in the number of subscribers and a sharp decline in earnings due to a drop in views, and the environment surrounding them has become more difficult.

Miyasako tried to compete with terrestrial broadcasting with her talk variety show “WinWinWiiin” with Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio” and Keiichi Yamamoto of “Gokuraku Tombo,” but there has been no distribution since last February. The live wide show program Sakoru News, which started in February of the same year, has also been on hiatus for three months.

Gyugujou and regional sales seem to be doing well, but YouTube is very tough. It costs an enormous amount of money just to build a set of programs that can compete with terrestrial broadcasting. The suspension of Sakoru News is also due to the cost of live broadcasting. Without sponsors, it will be difficult. Miyasako is also having a hard time dealing with the personnel costs for staff and other expenses.


TV stations are trying to give Miyasako a helping hand. At the end of last year, AI Miyasako, who uses generative AI technology, appeared in “Ametalk: Year-End 5 Hours 40 Minutes SP” (TV Asahi). His former partner was surprised , saying, “I haven’t heard of him at all,” but the studio was very excited by their long-awaited exchange.

The program had unnaturally cut Mr. Miyasako’s part when using past footage, but his footage was used as is in “I want to come to Tokyo, but as a comedian afterwards.” broadcast last November. This sparked discussions about a potential return to terrestrial TV. I’ve heard that the relationship is good when it comes to using footage, with the program staff regularly contacting for permission. TV Asahi might also be observing his situation for a potential program appearance.” (TV station insider)

It was talked about as if the ban on terrestrial broadcasting was lifted. I have heard that they have a good relationship with the program staff, as when they use the footage, they receive a contact from the program staff for permission to use it. TV Asahi may be waiting to see how he will appear on the program.

While Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe and the disgraced duo TKO have returned to terrestrial broadcasting, Miyasako’s return has not yet been realized. If he continues to flounder as a YouTube star, he may be forgotten. Miyasako is in a tight spot, and the only way left for him may be to return to TV after his collaboration with Hotarubara.

Despite the thriving restaurant business, Miyasako Hiroyuki seems to be facing a decline in YouTube views.

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