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The mystery of why The Japan Innovation Party Mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura are still obsessed with Kobukuro

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Mayor Matsui (left) and Governor Yoshimura (right) are fired up for Expo ’25 in Osaka.

On November 28, Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture and Mayor Ichiro Matsui of Osaka City appeared at the “Nakanoshima Winter Party: Road to EXPO 2025” held at Nakanoshima Park in Osaka City.

Also appearing at the event were the popular duo Kobukuro and the comedy duo Milk Boy. The purpose of this event was to promote Osaka’s attractiveness to the public in order to increase momentum and expectations for Expo ’25 Osaka-Kansai ahead of the Dubai World Expo Japan Day.

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura and Mayor Ichiro Matsui then asked Kobukuro to compose a theme song for the Osaka-Kansai Expo. Officially, the decision will be made after a meeting of the board of directors, but the fact that the two top officials of Osaka Prefecture made the request in public could be taken as a sign that the decision has already been made. Kentaro Obuchi, who is also a

I want to create a song that can be sung by everyone, from small children to the elderly.

I want to make a song that everyone can sing, from small children to the elderly. In an interview after the event, Mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura also declared that they wanted to sing the song at karaoke when it was completed.

However, Kobukuro was recently reported to have had an affair with Shunsuke Kuroda in May of this year. Despite being a father of three, Kuroda visited the home of Ako, who was in her late 20s at the time, three times a week after meeting her at a drinking party in the fall of 2005, and had her accompany him to his hotel when he worked in Tokyo. Moreover, Ako was diagnosed with depression after she broke up with Kuroda, and attempted suicide by taking a large amount of sleeping pills and other drugs.

Kuroda, wondering what he was thinking, filed a motion with the court to stop the publication of the Weekly Bunshun before it was released, but of course it was rejected. Later, after it was published and the public knew about it, he issued a comment apologizing to Aiko and her family.

After the song was released and the public knew about it, he issued an apology to Aiko and her family, saying, “I was slammed on the Internet and elsewhere for my behavior, which is not what you would expect from a singer who sings love songs about love. The Expo is a global event and many children are expected to attend, so there are probably people who don’t want to listen to the theme song by Kobukuro, who caused the affair.

Of course, just because they stumbled once doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the world. Of course, one stumble should not be the end of the world. However, some people may say that it is too soon and that they feel uncomfortable in a place where politics is involved.

In the first place, Kobukuro has been appearing at many events. In short, it seems that the egos of Yoshimura and Matsui want to use their favorite band, Kobukuro, for the event.

Incidentally, not only Kuroda, but also his partner Kentaro Obuchi was reported by Shukan Shincho to have had affairs with several women in 2004. It seems that “all the members” of Kobukuro were having affairs…

At the same time, there is a blatant “Yoshimoto Kogyo favoritism”.

Yoshimoto is involved in many events in Osaka, such as the Midosuji Illumination, the Rugby World Cup, and the Osaka Expo. Yoshimoto is in charge of the Osaka Prefectural Government’s projects and undertakes events based on the taxpayer’s budget. As a result, the company’s own comedians, camera crews, and other related companies are also involved. “The Japan Innovation Party” boasts absolute popularity in Osaka, and even if they do whatever they want to some extent, it won’t affect future elections,” said the broadcaster.

However, it is true that there are few companies in Osaka that have as many national talents as Yoshimoto and can manage events as well.

But what about Kobukuro? But what about Kobukuro? There are many other famous singers who are well known in Osaka, but what is the purpose of patronizing Kobukuro after the affair?

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