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Big-name Actresses Surprise Marriages: Showbiz Round-table Discussion

Surprisingly popular people who are rumored to be involved in scandals / Big couples who are getting married and divorced, etc.

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Ryoma Takeuchi (30) and Ayaka Miyoshi (27), the big couple most anticipated for a marriage announcement. They have been in a relationship for over three years. The only concern is their respective work schedules.

The entertainment industry was rocked last year by the sex-abuse issue at the former Johnny’s office (now Smile-Up., Inc.).The year was also marked by numerous other scandals, such as Ryoko Hirosue’s (43) affair. 

In the first part, we discussed the aftermath of the “Former Johnny’s turmoil,” the potential reunion of ‘SMAP’ and ‘Arashi,’ and rumors of the return of that controversial actress.

Click here for the first part [SMAP and Arashi will reunite⁉Entertainment industry executives, TV station employees, and sports newspaper desks have their say.

We held an emergency round-table discussion with an industry insider, Mr. A, an executive of an entertainment company, Mr. B, an active TV person, and Mr. C, a desk clerk of a sports newspaper.

The top candidate for a marriage couple

Mr. C: “Last year there was a lot of gloomy talk, but let’s talk about brighter topics. For example, marriage predictions. Kasumi Arimura and Kaito Takahashi (24 ) of “Kimpuri,” who surprised the public at the end of last year, have already been dating for three years, and they are talking about marriage. However, I hear that the people on Arimura’s side have given him the nod.”

Mr. A: “What I have heard is the marriage of Ryoma Takeuchi (30) and Ayaka Miyoshi (27 ). I hear that Miyoshi is very attached to Takeuchi. I even hear that they are saving their work to spend time together. They are living together in a luxury townhouse in Tokyo and have apparently gone to each other’s parents’ homes to say hello, so this is a big step toward a marriage announcement. Takeuchi’s popular lead drama “Love You as the World Ends” is set to hit theaters at the end of January. It is said to be a sure-fire hit! So it is possible that they will get married on the strength of the drama.”

Mr. B: “My main candidate is Yuriko Yoshitaka (35 ), the actress in this year’s big drama. I hear she has a strong desire to get married. I think she will take the great success of the historical drama as a souvenir and move on to the next step in her life. It would not be surprising if they get engaged around the end of the year, when the drama is about to air.”

Mr. C: “My true love is Alice Hirose (29 ), who is dating Yoshitaka’s ex-boyfriend Tadayoshi Okura (38 ) of “Kanjani Eight” fame. He has long told everyone around him that he wants to get married by the age of 30.
Alice is set to star in “Tsuki 9″ for the spring season. It is a love story based on a famous song by an artist, and she is very enthusiastic about her first Gekijuku challenge. Okura, on the other hand, is also preparing for a big live concert at Tokyo Dome in the fall, so I predict they will finish those and get married on Alice’s birthday in December!”

Mr. A: “Her younger sister, Suzu Hirose (25), could also get married. I hear that she is grooming Kento Yamazaki (29 ). If they do get married, I hope they will announce it on the same day as the brothers Arata Mackenyu (27) and Go Atsushi Maeda (23), and hold a lavish joint wedding or something (laughs).”

Mr. C: “That is interesting. (Laughs)” Mr. C said, “That would be interesting. Recently, there have been many surprise marriages where there have been no reports of love affairs at all. In this regard, Takeru Satoh (34 ) has also been saying for a long time that he wants to get married by the age of 35, so I am paying attention to him this year. Another person I am paying attention to is Haruka Ayase (38 ). Up until now, her love affairs with Osawa Takao (55) and Korean actor Noh Min-woo (37) have been reported, but they did not lead to marriage. She has been carrying the firm’s sign for a long time, but she is already on the verge of 40 years old. I hear he has a boyfriend, and a surprise wedding announcement may be in the offing.

Yuriko Yoshitaka (35): This magazine covered her love affair last year. Behind the scenes, she is shuttling back and forth between Kyoto and Tokyo for photo shoots, and has the generous support of her boyfriend.
Alice Hirose (29) has been semi-living with Okura for over a year, and their relationship is going well. The two sisters are going to the finish line at the same time! Could there really be a future?
Haruka Ayase (38), a nationally known actress, is now in her 40s. Having contributed to the company for so long, it is about time for Ayase to find her own happiness!

The dark rumors surrounding influential figures

Mr. A: “Speaking of surprises, the Christmas divorce of Jin Akanishi (39) and Meisa Kuroki (35) was a surprise. I have heard that Kabuki actor K is having an affair with a woman in his dressing room. I heard that he uses his dressing room as a secret meeting place between performances. I know his wife is also a celebrity, but she is a strict person, so if this is true, I think they will have to get a divorce.”

Mr. B: “Actor A and actor T, who are famous for their bad drinking habits, are also rumored to be divorced. I have been with actor A several times at the drinking table, and when he is drunk, he sexually harasses women. Actor T is not only a drunkard, but also a gambler, and in the past he has run up debts. His wife is also said to be appalled. Another famous actress, A, who has been famous since she was a child actress, is said to have already separated from her husband. Actor T, who has a clean image and has been in a lot of movies and commercials, doesn’t seem to stay at home, and I’ve heard rumors of a divorce.”

Mr. A: “The most surprising one is an actress, A, who married her co-star of a TV drama series . They recently moved out and finally started living together, but I wonder what will happen to them.”

Mr. C: “In terms of scandals, I hear all kinds of rumors about drugs. The police authorities are also looking at X, a wild type of actor who is a muscle training fanatic, and Y, an actor who also works as an artist. I have also heard that Z, a former popular idol, and A are also involved in drugs. They have completely disappeared from the public stage, and it is said that this has spurred their drug addiction.”

Mr. B: “I heard about singer B, who is extremely popular among young people. Last year, he was so popular that you could not miss him on TV every day, so it would be quite a shock if it is true.”

What will happen this year? Given that there was a lot of dark news last year, I hope this year is filled with bright topics.

From the January 19, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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