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Kei and Mako Komuro: Moving Forward with Family Plans

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Kei Komuro turns 33 this year.

The issue of Kei Komuro and Mako’s move, which has been discussed since last year, has not settled down at this point. However, it is certain that they will at least move out of the one-room apartment they have been living in and settle into a new environment. It may be that the couple can now afford it, but above all, their actions are seen as being based on the assumption of a “joyous occasion,” at least up to this point.

The New York apartment where they have lived since moving to the U.S. is considered unsuitable for child-rearing because it is an apartment complex, which is prone to noise complaints. The possibility of trouble and lawsuits cannot be ruled out. For Team Komuro, the Consulate General of Japan in New York, which looks after Mr. and Mrs. Komuro, this is a problem they would like to avoid.

Mako is said to have told people around her that she wanted to marry Kei by the time she was 30, and this has actually taken shape.

It is indeed suggested that this was a consideration with childbirth in mind. As of October this year, three years have passed since their marriage, and both individuals will be 33 years old. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that they are now more conscious of both childbirth and their age than ever before.

Mako has reportedly been attending a hospital affiliated with Columbia University for a while and has expressed interest in the cryopreservation of fertilized eggs. This therapy involves growing fertilized eggs through in vitro fertilization for several days and then freezing and preserving them. The fertilized eggs are preserved in a state close to that of conception, which is believed to result in a higher pregnancy rate.

The news coverage of cryopreservation of fertilized eggs had a significant impact. It appears to be true that she sought advice from her obstetrician and gynecologist, but this was limited to seeking guidance, and she did not appear to endorse any specific treatment. It seems the focus is on encouraging more specificity regarding approaches to infertility. However, there have been recent developments in this regard.

What kind of change could that be?

It may be that they are in the stage of preparing for a joyous occasion. As in the case of the move, it is said that once the new year settles in, they are considering taking steps towards the first stage of treatment or something akin to the preliminary phase.

Will the year 2024 be a year of joy for the Akishino family?

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