Onoe Matsuya’s Majestic Presence on Stage and Screen, Embracing the Legacy of Kawauchi Kagawa | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Onoe Matsuya’s Majestic Presence on Stage and Screen, Embracing the Legacy of Kawauchi Kagawa

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Matsuya Onoe walks majestically out of the Shinbashi Enbujo

Around 3:00 p.m. in mid-December 2023, Matsuya Onoe (38) came out alone after finishing a performance of the new kabuki play “Ryu Hakushoku Nami Sansei (Lupin III)” at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theater.

With slicked-back hair, round sunglasses, and hands tucked into a down jacket, Matsumiya Onoe (38) walks with a wide stride, exuding dignity. As he was about to get into a waiting car, he was suddenly approached by a fan, but he responded calmly, shaking hands and radiating the aura of a successful actor.

“In 2023, Matsuya actively engaged in new Kabuki works. In March, it was “Final Fantasy X.” In July, he planned and directed “Touken Ranbu Tsuki Tōken Enishi Kiri” and now, ‘Lupin the Third’ Matsuya is now considered the ‘face’ of new Kabuki.

Especially with the revival of new Kabuki, which was championed by Kagawa Teruyuki (Ichikawa Chuguruma, 58) but saw him step down from the public eye due to a scandal in 2022, expectations for Matsuya have risen even higher. It seems he is aware of this and is dedicating himself more to his craft,” says a Kabuki magazine reporter

Kagawa also appeared on the same stage, playing Captain Zenigata. His presence was admired by the audience with comments like “As expected of Kagawa.”

“With Kagawa mentioning, ‘I’ve given up on returning to television,’ we haven’t seen him much on TV lately. Perhaps influenced by this and considering that new kabuki works have a significant number of young fans, it seems that Matsuya received louder cheers.

Kagawa’s presence and acting skills are outstanding, so he will likely be appreciated as a supporting actor in the world of kabuki. Television can be left to Matsuya, I believe.”

A TV drama production staff member also had this to say about the future use of Kabuki actors in dramas.

There is always a demand in the TV industry for actors with Kabuki backgrounds, who can act with facial expressions alone, like the distinctive Kabuki grin. Until now, Mr. Kagawa has been the sole star, but I think Matsuya will be the sole star for some time to come.

Matsuya also appears in the popular January drama “Great Gift” (TV Asahi), starring Takashi Sorimachi (50). He plays the role of Ikuto Kamibayashi, a lieutenant in the Metropolitan Police Department, and is said to face Sorimachi, who plays the role of Tatsuomi Fujimaki, a pathologist.

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Matsuya Onoe, a man of dignity.
Matsuya Onoe is approached by a fan as he is getting into his car and responds with a smile and a handshake.

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