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Akanishi and Kuroki’s TV Comeback Sparks Intriguing Year-End Divorce

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Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki, who were seen together as a couple, shopping together as a family.

Divorces are a regular year-end tradition in the entertainment industry.

Last year, Renni Takagi of Momoiro Clover Z and Shingo Usami of the professional baseball team Chunichi Dragons announced their divorce in December.

Mamoru Miyano, a voice actor whose popularity is on the rise after appearing in last year’s NHK morning drama, and just when you thought it was over with Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki, Yumi Adachi and photographer Tomoki Kuwashima, whose separation was reported and rumors had been circulating for some time, also announced their divorce.

Most celebrity divorce announcements these days are made on their SNS or official websites. These four couples are no exception, and they are not the only ones, but what is interesting is that many couples emphasize that they are divorcing amicably.

Unless there is a clear reason for the breakup, as is the case with Yoko Minamino and MEGUMI, many couples do not give a specific reason for their divorce, but instead state that their marriage is amicable.

The entertainment media paid particular attention to Akanishi and Kuroki, who jointly posted comments on their respective Instagram stories.

“We have decided to change the form of our partnership and go our separate ways as a couple. Our family will remain our top priority, and we will continue to build a new form of partnership with even more love as parents and best friends.”

And, no matter where you look, the word ‘divorce’ is nowhere to be found in the comments.

They probably want to say, “It’s not because we don’t like each other that we parted ways,”

 but it’s understandable that there would be a response like, “Then why don’t you just not get divorced?”

It is only natural that the more they insist on an “amicable divorce,” the more the weekly magazines would want to interview them, assuming that there must be some big reason why they cannot live together or be in the same space together. I have no idea why Mr. and Mrs. Akanishi, in particular, are divorcing, even after reading their comments.

It is said that both Akanishi and Kuroki have a substantial income, although it is not clear how much they actually earn. They have houses in Los Angeles and Hawaii, and recently showed off their mansion in Los Angeles on TV. They seem to get along well with each other and have a child together. That’s why there are doubts.

In particular, the fact that Akanishi and Kuroki both returned to terrestrial television last year has given rise to new suspicions.

The fact that Akanishi and Kuroki both returned to terrestrial broadcasting last year has given rise to new suspicions, especially that Akanishi and Kuroki both returned to terrestrial broadcasting last year. It is also alleged that Mr. Kuroki may have been trying to set off fireworks in order to make a full-fledged comeback. There have been such voices on the Internet (wide-show staff members).

However, Akanishi is still well known even though his exposure in the Japanese media has decreased. Is there any need for him to get divorced just to appear on Japanese TV? A producer at a key station said, 

“He is still well known and popular enough. Many people remember the dramas in which he appeared. There are quite a few directors and producers who want him to appear in dramas and movies as an actor. There is absolutely no need for him to go through a pseudo-divorce just to create a buzz.”

In that case, what exactly happened? Did a situation arise that couldn’t be compromised, or did one or both find new partners? In other divorced couples, the presence of new partners is surfacing, and the media is starting to stir.

The more they emphasize amicability, the more reporters get excited. What happened between Akanishi and Kuroki. Journalists are eager to know the details of Akanishi and Kuroki’s amicable separation.

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