Kazutaka Ozawa, who played the role of an attendant, “couldn’t say anything” due to Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “mute” and disappeared from the entertainment world in a “dark business pattern. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kazutaka Ozawa, who played the role of an attendant, “couldn’t say anything” due to Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “mute” and disappeared from the entertainment world in a “dark business pattern.

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Hitoshi Matsumoto (left) and Kazutaka Ozawa (right), who served as an attendant in the reported sexual scandal.

Kazutaka Ozawa of the comedy duo “Speed Wagon” is reported to have served as a so-called attendant for Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “sexual scandal” by gathering women and inviting them to his hotel. Ozawa hosted the variety show “Unspeakable, Such a Night” (NHK/E-television) on New Year’s Eve. (NHK E-television), which Ozawa hosted, has been canceled.

The program was scheduled to air on January 3 at 10:45 p.m., but NHK announced on the day before the broadcast that the program would not be aired.

The special program will not be broadcast due to programming reasons.

The future broadcast schedule is also undecided. The future broadcast schedule is also undecided.

Matsumoto’s “Hitoshi Matsumoto no sake no tsumami ni naru hanashi 2-hour special in Fukuoka” (Fuji TV) broadcast on December 29 and “Downtown DX” (NTV) broadcast on January 4 had few sponsors, and AC (Public Advertising Agency) commercials were aired during the program.

In the midst of all this, “similarities” with the black market scandal of 2007, which was a major incident in the comedian world, have come to light.

Shinya Irie of the comedy duo Karateka, who served as an attendant, had his contract terminated due to his alleged ties to an anti-corporate organization. He left the entertainment world without saying a word about the uproar.

Hiroyuki Miyasako of Ameagari Kesshitai initially made false statements and claimed to Matsumoto and others that he had not received one million yen, even though he had received it. As the junior comedians who had participated in the event also refrained from their activities, a dark cloud hung over Yoshimoto, and Matsumoto showed leadership, claiming that “the junior comedians must be worried.

The junior comedians are anxious, aren’t they? Matsumoto will move.

Matsumoto wrote on Twitter at the time.

The current “sexual assault scandal” is very similar to that time. Yoshimoto completely denied it, and Matsumoto did not even say whether he had or had not been involved in the scandal, but instead posted inflammatory expressions such as “I’m getting motivated! On January 5, Matsumoto tweeted in X, “It’s finally out, isn’t it? In X, Matsumoto only tweeted, “It’s finally out.

Ozawa was not allowed to say anything at all. This situation is very similar to that of Irie-san at the time of the “black market” scandal, and Miyasako-san and Ryo Tamura-san, who tearfully apologized after being stopped by Yoshimoto, saying, “I wanted to hold a press conference but couldn’t.” (A person involved in a wide-ranging TV show)

(A wide-show insider) Meanwhile, Ozawa’s program as the MC was “blown off”.

Since the program was broadcast on the night of the 3rd, it is unlikely that it was affected by the earthquake on New Year’s Day. Other programs were also being aired as usual.

Mr. Ozawa would have been better off holding a press conference to clearly explain himself, but since the Yoshimoto side has announced that “nothing is true,” there is nothing that can be done. However, since the Yoshimoto side has announced that “it is not true at all,” they are unable to do anything about it.

However, if they announce that they will refrain from entertainment activities, the public will think, “So it was true after all. In other words, “the ball is in Matsumoto’s court,” and it is Matsumoto who should act next. Matsumoto said, “He’s getting motivated,” and “He’s finally come out with it,” and Bunshun and other media are also rolling their shoulders in response to this provocation. There is no way we can just let it slide.

Matsumoto once said in a broadcast of “Sake no Tsumami” that if Bunshun were to report on his affair, he would reply, “That’s all true. I wonder how he feels about the fact that by not saying anything, he has created a situation where he cannot even protect his juniors who used to attend to him and make him feel “good.” ……

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