Words that strengthened Yuri Yasui, the “World Queen” of bikini fit models in 2011: “I and the future can change. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Words that strengthened Yuri Yasui, the “World Queen” of bikini fit models in 2011: “I and the future can change.

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Yuri Yasui, World Queen of her class at the World Championships (courtesy of Yuri Yasui)

Yuri Yasui, the world champion in her weight class at the world championships (photo courtesy of Yuri Yasui). I want to take it easy right away, and I want to be easy on myself.

Yuri Yasui, 39, won the first prize in the general category for fit models under 172 cm at the IFBB World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships held in Santasanna, Spain, on November 4, 2011.

She is the “absolute queen” of Japan’s bikini fitness championships, having won an unprecedented eight consecutive titles. Yasui said, “Three months before the competition, I had a left foot injury,

Three months before the competition, a device fell on my left thumb and shattered it, and I had to continue rehabilitation while competing in the event, so I consider it a miracle. I think it is a miracle that I was able to win, not by my own strength, but because of everyone’s support.

She said with joy. So what exactly is bikini fitness?

Bodybuilding is a competition to see how big your muscles are, but Bikini Fitness is a competition not only to see how big your muscles are, but also to see how beautiful you are as a woman. Hair and makeup, the condition of the hair, the way a woman behaves, her facial expressions, and everything from the tips of her head to the tips of her toes are all subject to judging.

Yasui has long arms and legs and a great style, but she used to be overweight, and her diet did not last long.

My mother weighed 80 kilograms, my grandmother 100 kilograms, and I weighed 70 kilograms. I have been on diets since I was in high school, but none of them lasted very long, and I kept trying and trying again. I was not good at exercising, and I had a complex and a lot of negativity. But then I saw my mother start going to the gym and lose 20 kilos, so I started going too. That was when I was 30 years old.

But I couldn’t lose much weight, so the trainer asked me to bring a picture of my goal, and I found a group photo of the winners of a bikini fitness competition. I found a group photo of the champions of a bikini fitness competition. I looked it up and found that the gym where the champions went to was in the same city, so I started going there too.

She says her goal was to lose weight, but after “one day,” she decided to get serious about Bikini Fitness.

“On September 21, ’15, I became the Japanese champion at the “2nd All Japan Fitness Bikini Championships” and was selected to represent Japan at the World Championships. My class was first narrowed down from 50 to 10 before the qualifying round, but I couldn’t even make it to that round and lost completely. Compared to the foreign competitors, I was in shape like a child, and I felt there was an overwhelming difference.

My coach told me, “It will take more than 5,000 years for a Japanese competitor to beat an overseas competitor. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do anything, even though the Japanese federation was the first to send athletes to the Bikini Fitness World Championships, that I cried wailing ……. On my way back to the airport, I called my trainer and said, ‘I want to have a body that can win at the World Championships.

Naturally, exercise alone is not enough to achieve a perfect body. She is also extremely particular about her diet.

I eat six meals a day because I need to maintain my muscle mass, eat a lot, exercise, and lose weight. I eat the same low-sugar, high-protein meat such as horse meat and wild boar meat every day, 365 days a year.

In the off-season, I only increase the amount of meat I eat, but it is basically the same. The best weight loss period is 49.5 kg, but in the off-season it is about 70 kg. I repeat that every year to build up my body and get ready for competitions.”

Yasui says emphatically, “My goal is to climb to the top of the world.

Unfortunately, bikini fitness is still a minor sport with little recognition. When I started this competition, my family was against it because they didn’t feel comfortable with me dressing in revealing clothes. I think most of the women who are doing bikini fitness had the same experience as me.

So to break out of this situation, first I will be the best in the world. And I want to make bikini fitness a competition that everyone knows about as a matter of course. Next year, the World Championships will be held in Japan. So, I will definitely win the first place and become the world champion. And I want everyone to know and experience the beauty of Bikini Fitness. I would be very happy if you could change your life like I did.”

Yasui’s motto is “You can change yourself and your future. With these words in her heart, she continues to train hard.

Yuri Yasui, World Queen of her class at the World Championships (courtesy of herself).
Arnold Classic Europe ’23. She won the Triple Crown in the height, age group, and open-weight categories.
Participated in a triathlon competition as an elementary school student (courtesy of herself)
Yasui in her Marunouchi OL days (courtesy of herself)
Yasui in training (’22, courtesy of the athlete)
Yasui in training (provided by the athlete)
Winner of the ’23 Arnold Classic Europe, first Asian ever to win the Triple Crown (provided by Yasui)
Overall champion at the Fit Model Nationals in ’23 (provided by the athlete)
Overall winner of the ’19 Asian Games Bikini Fitness (provided by the swimmer)

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