Supporting the disaster area with “TENGA” in hand? …Shocking support expressed by Koroaki and Gutsch in Purgatory | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Supporting the disaster area with “TENGA” in hand? …Shocking support expressed by Koroaki and Gutsch in Purgatory

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Koroaki Purgatory enthusiastically announces that he is going to support the disaster-stricken areas from now on.

Ren Nakajima and Koroaki Purgatory, YouTubers of Guts ch, who have caused a stir in the public, are now attracting controversy after announcing on social networking sites that they will provide support to the disaster-stricken areas.

Mr. Ren Nakajima of Guts ch was released on bail last December 27. He said that he was still preparing for his future activities, but when word came that he would be transporting supplies to support the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1, the interview team headed to the scene.

The site was the south exit of Shinjuku Station. Starting around 6:30 p.m., Mr. Nakajima asked for relief supplies for the affected area in front of Shinjuku Station, and it seems that about 20 people who shared his action and “,” a region-specific Internet bulletin board, provided the relief supplies.

Around 7:30 p.m., the volume of relief supplies began to gather considerably. From time to time, supporters of Mr. Nakajima’s activities called out, “We will continue to support you,” and “Please do your best,” to which some responded.

As 8:00 p.m. approached, people began to gather one after another, including Mr. Funaimu, a YouTuber with a patrolling style, who could be seen among them.

A few minutes later, Mr. Koroaki Purgatory, who was released on December 22, emerged from a one-box car parked on the side of the road.

The car, with a sticker saying that it was on special patrol for sex crimes, was loaded with many relief supplies, including sanitary napkins and water. Inside the car, which was loaded with multiple cardboard boxes, were supplies worth 1 million yen.

One of the most eye-catching items was a large quantity of Tenga Eggs, available from the Tenga company.

While being photographed, Koroaki said.

‘I’m going to curb sex crimes with this! I’ll fulfill my obligations (editor’s note: apparently mistaken for duties)!”

They have declared on X (formerly Twitter) that they are heading to Ishikawa Prefecture starting January 6.

The reaction on X was mostly negative: “Don’t come! It will only get in the way” and “It will be a nuisance. I want you to calm down.” They don’t seem to welcome the idea.

They seem to be expecting this, and have already decided where to go for support and will take relief supplies to places that are well equipped to distribute them.

Their actions are not well-received by the public, as they are said to be aimed at gaining PV, views, and publicity, but they have their own reasons for transporting relief supplies this time, and they say they are doing it with a strong will to help people.

Mr. Koroaki Purgatory, who is actually on his way to the disaster area, is determined to make private arrests of fire thieves and sex offenders there. We can only hope that he will not cause any inconvenience to the residents of the affected areas.

The company has collected 1 million yen worth of relief supplies.
Some supporters sympathized with the action and asked for advice on how to send supplies by DM.
Mr. Funaim and Mr. Nakajima of Gutsch, who heard that it was a good idea to write the contents of the cardboard boxes.
Mr. Koroaki of Purgatory, who is enthusiastic about privately arresting all the sex offenders
Mr. Koroaki, who had to retake his lines after biting them several times, as if he couldn’t remember his lines
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