Celebrating marriage! Aya Hirano’s “True-to-life Acting” on Location for Her Latest Drama and Her Boyfriend Behind Her Breakthrough in Acting | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating marriage! Aya Hirano’s “True-to-life Acting” on Location for Her Latest Drama and Her Boyfriend Behind Her Breakthrough in Acting

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Hirano (center) on location. When the camera rolls, her expression as an actress peeks out.

While many big couples are reporting their marriages, one of the biggest names in the world of voice actors has also made his goal.

On January 3, voice actress Aya Hirano (36) announced her marriage to actor Kenshi Taniguchi (46). Hirano has been a voice actress in many hit anime such as “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Lucky Star. Her innocent and charming personality has made her one of the top voice actors in the world, both in name and reality.

It is said that this may be the reason why she and Taniguchi, whom she is marrying, are co-starring in the stage play “Censorman,” which began last September. If so, it was a very speedy marriage, even including the rehearsal period for the play. It is called “Censorman marriage,” and fans have been expressing their congratulations one after another.

Hirano is one of the pioneers of “idol voice-acting,” in which she sings her own songs and sings as the theme songwriter. Her activities are not limited to voice acting; she has also been active in many other fields, including as a singer, TV personality, and radio personality. In September 2010, he became independent from his longtime agency. Last year, she increased her activities as an actress, appearing in four dramas and a variety show. In the drama “Nami yo Kikimete” (TV Asahi) from April to June last year, she appeared in a drama series for the first time since her independence, and in the following drama series, “Pocket ni Adventures wo Tsumekomite” (TV Tokyo), she played a key role in the drama until the end.

The magazine also witnessed the filming of Hirano’s latest drama, which aired from last October. At the end of July last year, when the heat was at an all-time high, Hirano was on location in Tokyo, dressed in a bright green one-piece dress. During a break, she was congenial with co-stars Nanase Nishino (29) and Ryo Segoguchi (27), but when the camera rolled, her expression instantly tightened. Filming ended after about two hours. He left the scene with a smile on his face.

When Hirano left his former agency, he said he wanted to try his hand at acting, especially on the stage. In terms of work, Taniguchi, who has more than 20 years of experience as an actor, will be a great asset. In fact, Hirano has told those around him, ‘I respect Taniguchi-san as an expressive person. I believe that Taniguchi’s advice may have been behind his enthusiastic performances in each of last year’s serial dramas. She has a good track record as a voice actress, so she has a good foundation in acting. From now on, I hope that she will continue to pursue her acting career with the support of her husband.

Hirano has gained a beloved partner in both public and private life. We look forward to her further progress.

Hirano fiddling with his phone during a break. She was checking it quite often, and may have been communicating with her husband Taniguchi at this time.
Hirano fiddling with her phone for a while
At times, she was chatting and laughing with the staff.
When the camera rolled, her expression was serious. When she finished filming without incident, she left the scene with a smile on her face.
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