Big Motor “Tire Punching Video” and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida “Relative Year-End Party Photos” [’23 Scoop Shots]. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Big Motor “Tire Punching Video” and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida “Relative Year-End Party Photos” [’23 Scoop Shots].

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Big Motor.
The Impact of “Punching a Hole in a Customer’s Tire,” Conclusive Proof of Fraudulent Structure

May 5 issue

The factory manager himself was instructing customers to drill holes in their tires in order to increase labor charges. At another store, insurance premiums to non-life insurers were also being padded.

Big Motor’s numerous allegations of misconduct have sent shockwaves through the used car sales industry. Since April, this magazine has been following up on this issue, reporting on how the company was drilling holes in customers’ tires in order to meet its strict quotas.

In mid-December, we visited the mansions of Kaneshige and his son, Hiroyuki Kaneshige (72), and their villas in Atami and Karuizawa, but they were nowhere to be found. Automotive journalist Kumiko Kato offers her prediction for the future.

On December 15, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and Kanagawa Prefectural Police raided Koichi’s home in connection with the roadside tree problem. The police are investigating the employee who was in charge of environmental maintenance and inspection, which is believed to be the cause of the problem, but the ultimate goal is said to be the arrest of the instructor, Mr. Koichi. The next move may come as early as the end of this year.

Will they be able to drain out all the pus in order to rebuild the company?

In May, the media reported allegations that he had accidentally set a customer’s car on fire. We also reported a number of other allegations, including that the company falsely sold a car that had been submerged under water.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida
The key to his plummeting approval rating: A “big year-end party for his relatives” at the prime minister’s official residence.

June 16-23, 2012 issue

Prime Minister Kishida (center) smiles with Shotaro (upper left). He was dressed casually in a sweatshirt and barefoot.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (66) is in a tight spot due to the slush fund problem of the Seiwa-kai (Abe faction), the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party. His cabinet approval rating is in the 20% range and has entered the “danger zone. The trigger for this slump was a year-end party at the prime minister’s official residence that was reported in May.

At the end of December 2010, 18 relatives gathered at the official residence. At first, it seemed to be the sole decision of the prime minister’s eldest son, Shotaro (32), who was secretary to the prime minister, but when this magazine article revealed that Prime Minister Kishida also attended the party in his nightclothes, criticism poured in, saying that the party was too much of a mix of public and private affairs.

Prime Minister Kishida removed Shoutarou from office, but his response of placing the blame solely on his son drew even more criticism.

In fact, Prime Minister Kishida recalled Shoutarou as his private secretary before the summer. His main job is to strengthen social networking. He even greeted the prime minister in his hometown of Hiroshima on his behalf, and his succession to the post is a done deal. I wonder how lenient he is with his relatives.

(A reporter from a national newspaper’s political section) “That lenient attitude is the root cause of all this.

From the January 5 and 12, 2024 issues of FRIDAY

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